Who Will Speak For Us Now?

We are the citizens of the last free nation on Earth. Who will speak for us? As of now we are even subjected to the onslaught of injustice from the ICC. The International Criminal Court now has the power to investigate, arrest, and prosecute any American citizen without any interference from our government. Thanks to an executive order by President Obama, we are now governed by the UN. Our sovereignty has been eradicated by executive order. Who will speak for us when we are arrested for our views on global warming, or our actions such as Tea Party gatherings. Will we be arrested for writing something which is inflammatory or politically incorrect concerning a Muslin, or a green movement? If interpol is able to come into the United States without conditions, what kinds of crimes will they seek out? President Reagan allowed Interpol to come into America, but ruled they had to have permission from the government. Obama has changed that to an unrestricted access to America’s soil. He signed the order over the holidays.

There is an uneasines that comes with the prospect of having Interpol be able to investigate and arrest any citizen for international crimes. Since the bill of rights does not apply out side the United States, it will be interesting to see how this operation will work. There is always a troubling aspect whenever our sovereignty is under attack, because we are a people who have never been under anyone else’s rule. We have been sold down the river by a President who sees America as the enemy of his agenda. A strong America must be destroyed and merged into the rest of the world because we must become one cog in the new world government. As long as America is a sovereign nation, the new world order cannot move forward. We are the last strong nation, and one which has a history of independant, free citizens. We are now supposed to bow down before the alter of the great universal government and become citizens of the world. If President Obama has a chance, this nation will become one piece of the world pie, our constitution will be declared invalid, our bill of rights will be null and void, and we will be under the UN charter, or a charter similar to the European Union charter. We, as citizens of America, will be stripped of all freedoms we now enjoy, and will be subject to a one world government wherein we will become subject to the laws of the rest of the world.

We will become a nation without any position but will pay for the right to exist through blackmail and taxes. We will notonly be taxed by our government, but the world government will get its cut. We have already seen the seeds of this in the Copenhagen treaty.

Since Obama could not get us into the Copenhagen treaty, or the Cap and Trade legislation he is changing his tactics. Allowing Interpol to come into the United States unrestricted also allows the UN to have authority to investigate since Interpol is the UN police force. Since the UN is not favorable to America, the possibility that Interpol will investigate in an unbiased way is questionable. I see the possibility of unsubstantiated charges being investigated and our national laws being set aside. Since Interpol investigations have priority over our laws, we are in a fight for our very lives. Obama can do a lot of damage to our sovereignty in four years. Just look how much damage he has done in one. That transforming he talked about is becoming a frightening reality.

Thank God our hope is not in government. It is not in President Obama, nor is it in any man. No matter what happens in this world, we can have peace. As we confess that Jesus is Lord of all, and Lord of us, we have already gained victory over this world. Jesus said; in this world you will have trouble, but do not fear, I have overcome the world. As He has overcome the world, when we trust Him, we also have overcome the world. Do not fear, Jesus leads us through the valley of the shadow of death, into green pastures, beside the still waters. He sets a banquet table for us in the midst of our enemies. On that table are gifts and fruits which heal our body, restore our soul, and restore our spirit. He fills us with everything we need to get us through the valley. Allow Him to become the Good Shepherd and lead you to the green pasture and beside still waters. He speaks for us, and protects us. Even when we are in the midst of trouble, He is holding us in His arms. Do not fear, do not worry, just believe.