In the Presence of Lady Liberty

We see her carrying her torch, ever vigilent, ever watchful in the night. Lady Liberty serenely moves about with Grace and Truth coming along side her tall, magnificent frame. She seeks out those who will stand with her as she guards the nation from destruction. With Grace and Truth holding her up with their strong arms, she cries out, like Paul Revere, riding through the countryside yelling out to the minutemen that the British were coming. Her voice is determined, and her strength is unabated as she and her companions thrust themselves into the night warning all that great danger is coming for those who believe in what she stands for. As a weary nation looks on in a state of beleaguered delirium from the onslaught of diffident speeches and complication of simple legislation. Truth comes in with a simple solution, those in power don’t listen, and Lady Liberty marches on into battle with her small army of committed soldiers. The disillusioned ones have fallen by the wayside. The sunshine soldier cuts short his stay in the army fighting for liberty.

With dispatch, Lady Liberty trudges toward her goal. She sounds a new alarm. Come join in the salvation of the nation. Time is of the essence, and the enemy is storming over the ridge. We must not lose the battle. We are fighting for the rights of every man, woman, and child. If we lose this war, we will have lost our freedom of thought, and the freedom to determine our own destiny. We will be in a perpetual nanny state, with our father, the government, telling us what is good for us, because we are too stupid to think for ourselves, according to them.

The enemies of Lady Liberty also were fighting against Truth, and Grace. Those fighting against liberty cared nothing about truth, and grace was not in their vocabulary. The viciousness of their attacks against anyone who desired the triumvirate of liberty, truth, and grace was equal in every way to the Inquisition. There was a great fear that arose within the hearts of the citizenry. However, in spite of the fear, there was a remnant who were loyal to the principles of freedom, justice, and liberty. They fought valiantly, and brought glory and honor to the soldiers fighting for liberty and truth. Who were these men and women? They were patriots, seekers of truth, and the blacksmiths forging a new nation out of the established order by gaining influence over the downtrodden and the huddled masses. As a restoration and a renewing of hope and trust come back to those who had lost it, new heroes emerged, and more battles were won. The fight was long and hard, but as victories came a rebirth of imagination and a solid foundation was established. The old constitution, and the bill of rights reemerged as the law of the newly occupied land. Freedom was established and soon a whole new system rose up to supplant the old. Together we fight, and together we will see the fruits of our labor; that was the slogan that pulled everyone together.

Along with renewing the old constitution and the bill of rights came a realization that God had been standing beside them from the beginning, and was still leading them like a good shepherd. The renewal of the spirit was quickly spreading throughout the occupied lands. The seeking after truth that had been a hallmark of the first group of heroes continued in the succeeding groups, and spread far and wide as hope was renewed in every community. A new reformation aand renewal of the gospel spread like wildfire, and nothing could stop its effect. A renewed nation was born again, and those who are a part of it are winning both the minds and the hearts of their countrymen/women/children.

If this fight comes today, are we ready? What are we willing to fight for? A revolution of the spirit is foremost in importance in America today. The fight for freedom, liberty, truth, and grace, begin with a new heart, or the fight is lost before it is begun. Freedom is first a condition of the heart, then it is expressed in our thoughts and actions. we must change the condition of the heart, then liberty, and freedom will be contained within the structure of common sense, and self control. This is something that is sorely lacking in Washington DC today. Corruption and tyranny come from a heart that is without restraint, and out of control. Yet, those who are corrupt desire to control others. If a man cannot control himself how can he possibly control others. Corruption destroys a nation, and we are seeing that happen right before our eyes. We must change the condition of our heart. Allow God to bring peace and self control into our lives. Yes, I am talking to me too. We are in the midst of ordeals and trials, but nothing is impossible for God, and all we have to do is ask, and believe that whatever we ask will come to pass, and it will. Government is not a god, and never will be. It cannot take His place, or supplant Him. He makes kings, and pulls them down. allow Him to do His work. Do not allow anyone to take God from you, or deny Him, and He will reward you. That is a decision each of us will have to make. God is who He is, and nothing will change that.

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