Presents For Our Children

What did you leave under the tree for your children? How long will they use them before they put them aside? The best things we as parents can give our children is love, and blessing. I have found that giving my children a blessing, which consists of three things, they can go forward through the year knowing that My wife and I love them, and desire the best for them in the coming year.

The first blessing is one of peace. Speaking a blessing of peace over them brings about God’s peace, and that translates into an atmosphere of gentleness, peace, honor, and stability within the family structure. The second blessing is a blessing of health. This is not just health of the body but of the mind and the spirit. The blessing is one which commands that each family member walk in Divine health, wherein God brings the body, mind, and spirit in line with His word. God created us to be perfectly healthy. It was only after man sinned that sickness and other issues came into being. When Jesus died and resurrected, He reconciled us to the Father in Heaven. He also placed us back the way we were before we sinned, therefore we are able to walk in Divine health. We should have the blessings of Deuteronomy 28, and Psalm 91, as part of our everyday life. The last blessing is that our children prosper even as their soul prospers. When our children are growing up they rely on us for their sustainance. When they are on their own, they have to become responsible for themselves. This blessing is one of prospering in all things, not just money. Having a successful life is not about being rich, but it is about knowing who the source of their finances is. Each person who knows who their God is, and trusts Him to do what He says He will do, knows that He is the source of our success, and prosperity. The blessing is that God will sustain them no matter what conditions exist around them. His word says so. In Isaiah 44:1-4 it says; 1 And now, give ear, O Jacob my servant, and Israel whom I have taken for myself: 2 The Lord who made you, forming you in your mother’s body, the Lord, your helper, says, Have no fear, O Jacob my servant, and you, Jeshurun, whom I have taken for myself. 3 For I will send water on the land needing it, and streams on the dry earth: I will let my spirit come down on your seed, and my blessing on your offspring. 4 And they will come up like grass in a well-watered field, like water-plants by the streams. God takes care of His own.

These presents may not cost anything but they are more valuable than any gift they will ever receive. Our children deserve the best, and the best is a blessing said over them while they are all together at the holiday season. When we know who our God really is we can count on Him to protect and bless our children through us. Once our children receive the blessing, no one can take it away. What God has blessed no one can curse. The greatest gift is the gift of love, and that love is given each time we place a blessing from God over and in their household.