The Birthday

When one of my grandkids birthday comes around, we give presents galore. When mom and dad have a birthday, we give them a hug and tell them we hope to see them next year, and laugh. With the passage of this healthcare bill that hug and hope mean even more. We hope we don’t get sick, especially after we go on medicare. We hope our lives aren’t artificially shortened like in the movie soylent green, like John Galt in the movie 1984. Birthdays come around once a year, but the tragic thing is not the birthday but the consequences of going on medicare that bothers most people now.

All jokes aside, we are faced with a future that reaks of corruption and death on a large scale as the population of the medicare and medicaid crowd really grows as the sixties generation hits the age barrier. The population of the elders will double in 7 years or less. As we grow in years, we begin thinking about what might have been, but now we will have to ask the question; what will it be? I am reaching that age soon and i’m not liking the prospects of getting older in this day in age.

I am confident that we will remain active and well for quite some time, but I’m not anxious to pay more for health insurance so Nebraska and Louisiana can have a free ride. As an unemployed person, I don’t feel like having to buy health insurance, or pay a fine, or go to jail. That does not appeal to me at all.

It is a fact that we are an nation that is capable of many things. My hope is that we vote people in office who will repeal anything passed in this congress. We must take the senate and the house so that we have a solid majority, which is vetoproof. Then those congressmen must have a spine made of iron, and integrity which cannot be twisted. I don’t know if we have that many people in America with those qualifications. I would hope we do, or nothing will be accomplished. It is time to step up and be counted. I want birthdays to be fun again.

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