Christmas and the Party Spirit

The party is starting to really heat up and spirits are soaring. A rally is fomenting and anxiety is skyrocketing. The health care bill is looking like death warmed over and subsistance farming is a growing business. If healthcare doesn’t pass many of our Democratic friends will have to actually find a job. Of course, most will become lobbyists, you know, the one person who Obama said would not be welcome in Washington DC. They will be welcome guests at functions, and make a nuisance of themselves in the halls of congress. They will be vilified by the President as they walk through the door of the oval office.

Some will have to get real jobs, because there is only room for a certain number of lobbyists, after all, the oval office can’t hold everybody.

If healthcare passes, the Democrats will have to look for employment elsewhere. I hope they won’t have to wait in line too long at the unemployment office. The first thing they should get is to be cut off from receiving their pension, because they are making too much money. They did make that rule, you know. Then they have to go on medicare, and go to the same doctors everyone else has to go to, if they can find one.

There is only one thing that could be worse than having to compete for jobs in the open market, being cut off from that healthcare provision they are used to while serving in congress. I’m not very optiistic that these things would come to pass, but what a dream.

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