The Law and the Attorney General

We have seen an explosion of antagonism regarding the decision to bring KSM and his cohorts into New York City to stand trial. This is not by accident either. This decision by Attorney General Holder, and President Obama to bring these terrorists to New York is one of three things; Incredibly naive, reckless disregard of the law, or treason against the people of the United States. If this action is only naivit’e there is hope that this decision can be reversed. If it is a reckless disregard of the law, the Attorney General should be fired, replaced, and the decision reversed. If the Attoney General, and the President are guilty of a reckless disregard of the law, constitutionally, they can both be convicted of malfeasance, and held accountable for tjheir actions. These two actions are a part of treason, but the treason is the crime against the people of the United States, which includes using this trial to place our national security, and our methods of national security at risk. It is an abridgement to the security and agents of our security, as well as the safety of those agents, which should take precedence over the “rights” of foreign agents. The treason we speak of here is the act of assisting our enemies who are at war against us by giving them a platform to recruit, and incite others to make war on this nation. It is a long standing tradition, which has been encoded in the constitution, that enemy combatants have no rights or privileges when caught on thw battle field. This trial of enemy combatants, especially when out of uniform, consists of the worst case scenerio because they are not guaranteed a trial, much less a civilian trial. In war, those caught can be shot on sight without any repercussions. The Navy Seals are immune from any criminal charges especially if all they did was to slap a civilian, who might have been hiding enemy combatants. The fact that they are on trial at all is a travesty of justice. The same was true of the two Border Patrol Officers. This government is more in tune with the enemy than with our own law enforcement officers, and our military. That is wrong! It may even be considered treasonous. Our military is fighting a war in Iraq, and Afghanistan, not a Saturday night brawl. Our Border Patrol Officers are fighting a war against drug runners, and illegal smugglers of every kind. It is not a position where PC is to be practiced. The use of force is a part of the job.

This Attoney General is responsible for the upholding of the law. It is his duty to enforce the law as the constitution states it. The constitution states that enemy combatants are not granted any rights under the constitution, therefore KSM and his cohorts are not eligible to be tried in civilian court. The Attorney General, is therefore obligated to return KSM and his cohorts to Gitmo to stand trial under military guidelines. There is no excuse for allowing KSM and his cohorts a forum for recruitment and incitement of acts of war against this nation by havinfg a civil trial in New York wherein the press will spread the hate and malice to the enemy through the camera’s eye. KSM and his cohorts do not deserve any press coverage, or a forum. This action by our President and our Attorney General is nothing short of vial treachery against  the United States and our national security.

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