The Reunification of the Mugwumps and the No-Nothings

In the quiet of a fall evening in November I see a movement in the woods. It is the Mugwumps and the No-Nothing parties of 1860 reunifying with a ritual burning of a liberal Democrat, in effigy, of course. They are discussing major events and the strategy to win. The problem is that no one knows whether they are the semiliberals, or the semiconservatives. They fear the public, but not their constituents. Therefore, they are torn as to whether they will go along with the Democrats or begin a whole new battleground. They don’t like the label of conservative, because they are afraid someone might find out they don’t vote as a conservative. RINOs are present, and independents, too. Since they haven’t listened to their constituents for a long time, they don’t know how. They are more afraid of the Democrats than their own party. It is going to be tough to vote for a party that has no idea who they are. The Mugwumps are the driving force. They have ideas about the healthcare legislation, and taxes, and big government. The problem is, they are going to stop it from growing at its present level, not cut it back. Their healthcare bill has some good things in it, but they have no confidence their bill can pass, because they don’t want to fight for what they believe in.

The No-Nothing party is aptly named. They have no ideas, and those they do have are conspiritorial in nature. They fringe out every once in a while, and want government to just go away. No more taxes, or bailouts, but no strategy to replace it. How can any party win under these circumstances? Someone had better come up with a plan of action, or the party will fold up in the middle of the campaign.

We, as citizens of this great nation deserve better than that. We are fighting for the very soul of America. If the Republican Party misfires in 2010, we, as a nation will go down in flames. America cannot afford having a Democrat majority. They must be defeated. The time for sectarianism and gross neglect of the issues has passed. The underachieving within the Republican party has taken its toll on this nation. It is high time Republicans got their act together and changed this nation back to the limited government, low taxes, insurance selling accross state lines, small bureaucracy, strict constitutional government party.

The Mugwumps and the No-Nothing party made the Republican Party a winning party by electing Abe Lincoln. I think it is time to elect a majority of congress, and get Pelosi, Reid, and all the rest of their party out of office. The citizens of this nation are in a conservative mood, don’t blow it.

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