Corruption In High Places

It seems that we have hit a new low at the Federal level. With the pride of a snobby matron, Mary Landrieu decided to flaunt her corruption for the world to see. It is not surprising, unfortunately, that this kind of corruption is rampent in our nation’s capitol. We have seen a decline in trustworthiness coming out of Washington for the last two decades. The decline has become a torrent of broken vows and deceit, cowardly acts of sabotage against the constitution, and the propagation of wholehearted subtrafuge of the freedoms we are supposed to be enjoying, and the rights we should be tranferring to our children, instead of having to fight to keep from becoming a slave of the government.

When those who are supposed to look out for the interests of the citizens of this nation become the enemy of the people they are supposed to protect, we are at an impasse. We either have to rebel against the established order, or surrender to the fate of our future. Which shall it be?

This health care legislation is only the tip of the iceburg. There has been a constant barrage on the constitution, the bill of rights, and the American people since the 1940s. With the beginning shots accross the bow of the ship of state in 1947 with the first of the Supreme court decisions concerning prayer and the separation of church and state, to the present arguments concerning the cross in the desert, we havwe seen an erosion in the moral structure of America. The new hate crimes act set a new level of anticitizen, antifreedom, and antirights measures into effect. The effect of this law is to force each one of us to speak only those words which are approved by some bureaucrat. It is called double-speak in the book 1984, by George Orwell. The level of corruption in Washington is rapidly becoming a nationwide phenomenon,with the election in New York-23 as an example. Even the vote for Senator in Minnesota stands as an example of voter fraud gone unchecked by corrupt government officials. Everyone in the state knows, but noone wants to talk about it, because it is too embarrassing. I know because I live here. The corruption of the government is only a symptom of the greater disease of perfidious, peremptory personages, who prey on those weaker than themselves. That, however, is also a symptom. The corruption and the symptoms which flow from it are rooted in the rebellion in this nation against everything we held dear when this nation was founded. The first of which was a fundamental belief in Jesus Christ, and the knowledge that it was God who was to be the real ruler of this nation. It was for His provision that the founding fathers prayed, and it was God to whom they prayed when the difficult task of writing and discussing the constitution and the bill of rights before they voted. One of the first things Thomas Jefferson did as president was to send missionaries, paid for out of the governmental treasury, to the Indians. The chaplain service was begun by George Washington in 1775, paid for by the governmental treasury. When a nation strays from its belief in God, corruption and moral turpitude are not far behind. Unless there is a turning around, and repenting this nation is on a slippery slope to oblivion, just like every other nation that turned away from God.

In 2 Chronicles 7: 14 it says; “If My people, who are called by My name, will pray, and seek My face, I will turn and heal their land.” That is the only option we have left. We have allowed evil to remain too long, and it has nearly destroyed us. Now it is time to repent, seek God’s face, and ask for forgiveness for our nation. We have been too long at the fair, let us get back home and do our work.