Voyageur: Carrying A Message

“Carry a message to Marathon, tell them we won.” Voyage to the moon so you can see the Earth behind you. Bring good news back, saying that all looks peaceful from there. Voyageur, carry the message in your heart, we have won the race. These are the words both sides of the vote on health care are looking for. One side will come away victorious today. Which it will be is anyone’s guess. If the Democrats get the vote, we will need to prepare for the onslaught coming in 2010. That onslaught will be the sound of locusts coming to take our freedom, our liberty, and our money. The locusts will be tax collectors, bureaucrats from Washington coming to set up panels which will tell us what they will cover and what they won’t, and the campaigners for candidates who will scrounge around for votes they don’t deserve. If the Republicans win we will see smiles, promises, kissed babies, and scroungers. Unless the Republican party regains their conservativeness, and their contract for America, and sticks with it, we will see a lot of wind but no breath of fresh air. Trust in our legislative branch will take place only if significant changes are wrought, there will be a distrust of congress and the bureaucracy which transports the messages from the legislature to the people. Unless the bureaucracy drastically changes, there will be very little change in the institution of government. Senators and Representatives may come and go, but bureaucrats stay until they are either fired or retired. If the voyageur caries a message of hope we can breathe easier for at least 10 minutes. Then we will need to continue our vigilence, because just like in 2001 and 2004, Republicans dropped the ball. The watchmen could not raise the citizens to rally at the gate then, so the message was lost. If we are not vigilent, when the Republicans regain their seats, they will slip again. There is an opportunity to become the uberparty again, but it will take work and boldness on the part of the candidates. The message must be transported to every portion of our society, from one people group to the next. Noone can be left out, and noone excluded. The conservative message is one of common sense answers to the issues of the day. Common sense is not always the simplest answer, but is an answer that simplifies complicated issues. This health care bill, for instance, complicates a simple issue into a convoluted mess. That is what republicans cannot do. Simplify, qualify, and reduce, the three words which will get the Republican Party back into a majotity. Then, when they get back into the majority, they cannot forget how they got there. Simplify, qualify, and reduce. Keep the message simple, just like the message the Greeks sent back to Marathon, ” we won.” Keep legislation simple so the citizenry can understand it, qualify the message by doing the math, showing how much it will cost in simple terms, reduce the size of government by half, cutting programs and departments that no longer serve a purpose, and reduce the deficit, and stop the spending. Stop the flow of illegals and secure the borders. In this way we can deduce that the Republican Party is one which listens to its constituents, and serves the nation rather than the party. It is just as wrong for Republicans to only serve the party as it is for the Democrats to only serve their party. If the Republican party serves the Nation first, they will reap the rewards of that action. The nation always comes first, politically.

The most important thing 2009 has taught us is that this nation can fall into darkness. We, as a nation have allowed our selves to idolize a man, and put him on such a high pedistal that when he falls he will break his neck. We have seen it in the newspapers, on cable news channels, network channels, and some radio stations. We have experienced this phenomenon throughout the campaign, and the first year of this presidency. No man, woman, or whatever, deserves that much adulation, no matter who they are. This nation has slipped into an idolitrous nation. We began this nation as an experiment in Christianity. Our forefathers came to this land to bring Christianity to this land for the glory of God. That was the beginning of this nation. Time has eaten away at this experiment in government and this Christian heritage. It is up to us to protect them both, with God’s help.

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