Dear Senators

I am writing you today to ask you to oppose the health care bill. It is a bill which defrauds and enslaves all citizens of this great nation. It destroys our freedom and encumbers us, as citizens with a debt which can never be repaid. Our economy is fragile enough without dumping $ 3 trillion more dollars on top of our shoulders. It is also unconstitutional to force citizens, under penalty of fines or imprisonment, to buy health insurance. We are not chattel, nor are we the slaves of the Federal government. We, the people of the United States, are the ones on the top of the food chain where you are concerned. You work for us, and we can fire you. You had better remember that. 87% of American citizens like the health care they have. We, as citizens, want a Federal government which acts responsibly, and budget conscious. We want less government, and less bureaucracy, but this healthcare bill adds taxes, builds government infrastructure, and adds bureaucracy. This is the wrong way to go about saving our tax money. I want less of my money going to Washington DC. If I have to live within a budget, so should you.

There are ten amendments that spell out the rights which belong to the citizens of America. They are written in the first ten amendments of the constitution, and are rights which cannot be taken away, but health care is not among them. It is not the responsibility of the Federal government to furnish, or run health care, and it is even unconstitutional to do so, especially the way you seem to want to do it.

The best thing you could do is pass some type of tort reform, and give insurance companies the opportunity to sell insurance across State lines. Portability, and tax deductions for those who can’t afford health insurance would make that insurance much cheaper than the monstrosity you have come up with.

Of course, if the objective of this bill is not health or care, but a power play, then I suppose you will pass this bill anyway. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson warned us about your type of politician. Thomas Jefferson’s sentiment was that Big government is the force which will destroy thwe very fabric of this democracy. There is no good excuse for this health care legislation for it tears at the very foundation this nation was built on. We have become a backward nation. The constitution states that the Federal government only has those powers allowed by the citizens, and the States have the rest of the powers. There are specific powers given to the Federal government,and they are; President; Make treaties, appoint ambassadors, public ministers, consuls, judges to the supreme court, and all other officers of the United States whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by law. He is the Commander in Chief of all the military, and can give out pardons.

The Legislature; borrows money, regulate commerce with foreign nations, states, and Indian tribes. Establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and bancruptcy. Coin money, regulate the value tthereof, standardize weights and measures, provide punishment for counterfeiting securities and coins. Define and punish pirates and felonies on the high seas, declare war, raise and support armies and a navy, and make rules for government. There are more than this, but this is a good sample of what our government is supposed to do.

Providing health care for citizens of the United States didn’t show up in any of the duties of government. Neither the President nor congress had any role in running our health care system. Funny thing about that.

It is time to stop all this nonsense and quit trying to take over an industry which doesn’t need to be taken over. If something needs tweaked then we can tweak it, but a wholesale overhaul is not only burdensome for the taxpayers, but is destructive for the best health care system in the world. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If it is broke, fix the part that is broke, and leave the rest alone.

                                                                              We, the people of the United States

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