It is sad that it takes a tragedy to see how a President will respond. I saw the first two minutes of Obama’s response and nearly got sick. The insensitivity and the smugness filled the TV. I also saw George Bush’s response to the tragedy of 9-11. The difference is striking. The tragedies this nation faces are not over, but if this president responds like this every time, it will be a long four years. Anger and lashing out would not have helped anyone. However, disdain and haughtiness does not help either.

Our military has suffered a terrible loss, not only in personell, but in loss of a safety net, which should be provided by the President when he speaks about issues such as loss and suffering. The safety net is not one of material things, but one of respect and honor. Every soldier and everyone who participates in the military operations deserves our respect and honor. It is a dirty job, and since our military is volunteer, it is one in which the volunteer accepts the danger inherent in the job, but when this happened they were home, on their own base. That is why this tragedy is so unnerving. They serve so that we can work, play, and enjoy life in safety and freedom. They received a slap in the face, yesterday, November 5, by their Commander-in-Chief, and that is inexcusable.

Our perception of our military has evolved from a healthy respect, and admiration, such as when the World War 2 veterans came home, to the destructive hatred of the Vietnam veterans, to the winners and the ones who were betrayed by politicians. Now we have a new kind of betrayal. This is an insidious one, because it breaks the spirit. These brave soldiers will deploy again, to Afghanistan, and some will not come back, and they understand that, but to have someone kill some and wound many at home is not what they expected.

The other betrayal is the inaction of Hasan’s superiors even when it was known that he was becoming more and more radical in his views. Returning veterans had complained about him, but his superiors turned a blind eye. We will find more evidence of Haran’s state of mind, but it has come too late for those who died, and a nightmare for those who were wounded. For this there is no excuse. If political correctness entered into the decision not to respond to Haran’s actions, before he killed and wounded those at Fort Hood, that will be a blot on those in charge. There is too much betrayal beginning with the Commander-in-Chief going on, and it had better stop. The American people are not willing to put up with all this corruption, political correctness, and betrayal of our military any more. It is time to rebuild our military, support our military, and protect the citizens of this great nation from acts of terrorism. Protect our borders, protect our nation.

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