Under Obama's Flag

What is a flag? It is a banner under which armies march, going forth into battle against the enemy. Our senators and representatives are marching under his flag, and the enemy is the citizenry of the United States. Not every senator or representative is marching under his flag, but enough of them are, and are poised to destroy this nation. Obama’s flag looks very much like that of the United Nations flag, only worse. His flag is the color of blood, with white and green stripes, and a dragon on its seal. The blood is the killing of our liberty and freedom, the white is the tears flowing because we are the slaves of our own government, and the green is the color of the environmental movement taking their vengeance on everyone who disagrees with them. The whole flag is the flag of the world government that has taken over our nation because President Obama signed over our sovereignty to a world government which has the power to punish this once great land if we don’t pay reparation to every other country because we use too many resources to run our economy. We are taxed at 2% of our GDP and we will soon be the third world country we are supposed to repay. President Obama has forfeited our sovereignty so he can be a king in the world system. Unfortunately, kingships in the system are short-lived. This nation will survive only if the citizens stand up now, and be counted. If President Obama succeeds in turning this nation into his dream, it will become our nightmare. He and those who surround him have a dream, which they see as the Ultimate State. It envolves taking over every aspect of our lives. Healthcare is not about helping the poor American get a doctor, or a hospital, it is about who will control the healthcare system in America. Cap and Trade is not about energy independence, it is about who will control our power grids, and the diversity of our radio, and television, is not about our right to hear and see what we desire, but to shut down those who oppose him and his policies. It is all about who has the power, and if Obama and those surrounding him have things their way, they will hold it all. Those who are trying to pass these bills are those who desire to control our lives. They envision a world where they have ultimate authority over everything just like the pigs in the book, Animal Farm, by George Orwell. He knew something about Socialism, and Fascism, having grown up under Stalin. If we, the United States, fall into the hands of tyrants, we will see bitter days ahead. Once that happens only God will be able to help us, and He will, if we ask. He is the only one who loves us enough to help us in times of trouble. He will be the only one left to turn to, and He will be waiting for us with arms open wide.

Obama’s flag is dripping with the blood of patriots, and if we want to remain free, and enjoy our God-given rights, we will have to continue to continue our fight for freedom and liberty with diligence and vigilence. So let us continue to continue our battle for the soul of America. It is the only way we will win the battle. Victory is within our grasp, but people will have to step up, become the voice of freedom, and run the race which leads to a place in history. Run against those who desire to destroy our nation, become the representative of the people, with a listening ear, and a humble heart, a servant of the people, for the people, voted in by the people, and from the people. Be the voice of the people, not the voice against the people. Those who take office after this next election are the heart of the people who elect them, and if that heart is broken, watch out.

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