Our Soon President-King

In an effort to become a king in the new world order President Obama will attend the Copenhagen Conference on Global Warming.  Even though the temperature has dropped for the last eleven years, there is an urgency about this meeting, according to Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of England, He says we have less than 50 years before disaster strikes the world. However, since weather people can’t predict what the temperature will be in ten days, I don’t know how they know what will happen in 50 years.

The conference is not so much about global warming as it is about power and a world government ruling over the sovereignty of every nation which signs the treaty. President Obama is desirous to sign it because he is a citizen of the world, and the first to sign it will be the most applauded, and he likes that. He will sign our sovereignty away without blinking an eye.

The other shoe will drop when by signing the treaty we will be required to make reparations for our use of the worlds resources. We will have to repay every country billions of dollars for abusing their air, and taking their opportunities for growth away. This will be because we have been a powerful nation, economically, and they aren’t. Anyone will be able to seek reparations whether they have been a country for ten years or a thousand.

The only way we can stop this will be to convince our Senators that this treaty is wrong, and our sovereignty is more important than global warming. Then we have an opportunity to show them how much we would end up paying out to third world countries who hate us enough to rob us blind. Our economy would be in shambles, and our treasury would be even more in debt. Besides all that we would have to pay taxes to the world government, besides our federal taxes and state and local taxes. We, as the people of the United States, oppose any world government trying to muscle in on our nation.

We must make sure the Blue Dog Democrats understand what is at stake in this treaty. We must let our Senators know that our sovereignty is not for sale, rent, or anything else. If this treaty is signed and passed, there is no turning back. We are stuck with it until Jesus comes. Obama and his cronies want a one world government, because they think they will be leaders in it, but they are wrong. The strongman in this scene is the European Union, and they might like us to our face, but watch out for the knife in the other hand. President Obama has already said he wants America to be under the United Nations, which houses every nation that dispises us, and desires us to fall so they can kick us while we are down. Let us demand that our Senators listen, and vote for our sovereignty to stay ours.