Things Our Founding Fathers Wouldn't Do

It seems to be a terrible thing to teach our children, in school, or at home, what the founding fathers would or would not do. George washington and Thomas Jefferson used the treasury to place chaplains in the army. That is something schools won’t be teaching. Thomas Jefferson used treasury money to send missionaries to the Indian tribes. You won’t hear that in schools either. George Washington had army chaplains as early as 1777. He felt they were a great asset to keeping the military in a peacable state. Thomas Jefferson was a big proponent of chaplains in the military and missionaries to the Indians. THINGS THOMAS JEFFERSON DID AS PRESIDENT Among other things Thomas Jefferson included, among other things, supporting government
involvement in: Legislative AND Military Chaplains====Establishing a national seal using a religious symbol. Including the word “God” in our national motto=====Official days of Fasting and Prayer–at least on the state level=====Punishing Sabbath breakers (is that real enough to convince you he was not an atheist?)=====Punishing marriages contrary to biblical law====Punishing irreverent soldiers Protecting the property of churches====Requiring oaths saying “So Help Me God,” taken on the Bible Granting land to Christian churches to reach the Indians ====Granting land to Christian Schools Allowing Government property and facilities to be used for worship. Using the Bible and non-denominational religious instruction in the public schools. (He was involved  in three different school districts and the plan in each one of these
REQUIRED that the Bible be taught in our public schools.)====Allowing clergymen to hold public office,
and encouraging them to do so. Purchasing and stocking religious books for public libraries.=====Funding of salaries of clergymen in Indian Mission schools====Funding for construction of church buildings for Indians. Exempting churches from taxation====Establishing professional schools
of theology. (He wanted to bring over from Geneva, Switzerland, the entire faculty of Calvin’
theological and establish it at the University of Virginia.)====Treaties requiring other nations to
guarantee religious freedom. Including religious speeches and prayers in official ceremonies.
Its to bad he isn’t around to help the ACLU isn’t it. The whole question of seperation of Church and State has been a myth since it was first introduced in 1954. The point Thomas Jefferson was trying to bring forth in his letter to the Danbury Baptists was that the State would not interfere with there religious practices, or have a State religion like the European nations did. The point was not to seperate the State from religion. The first amendment backs him up by saying the government shall not pass repecting the establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof. We have become a nation of seperators rather than includers. If we are convinced that this statement, even though false, is the law of the land, what else can we be convinced of. History, if truthfully told, reveals a totally different story than what is being taught in school. We, as Americans, have lost so much of our history through revisionist historicism, and we are ignorant of the truth. Our founding fathers would not tolerate any ignorance of history, or the Bible, or any other classic work. We have developed a whole class of people who have no knowledge of anything beyond their eyeballs. They know what they can see, and some not even that. There is no understanding of who we are as a nation. If we lose a whole generation, who will teach the children who we are and whose we are. How will they know the greatness of this nation, when they don’t even know how this nation’s government works, or how they can avoid the same problems other generations have had to overcome. We are in a financial crisis now because those in authority do not understand that what they are trying to do didn’t work before. Our founding fathers would not forfeit freedom for convenience or allow someone to monopolize power, because they had just fought a war to extricate this nation from under the thumb of a tyrant. They purposely set the government up to protect this nation from such a thing ever happening. However that preservation was predicated on the high education levels of the next generation, and the continued religious activity of its citizens. A strong Christian heritage was of utmost importance to the founding fathers, because they knew that if the level of religious ferver left this nation it would fall for the first person who would promise them everything free. So, now where does that place us today? This nation has fallen for someone who promised it everything for nothing, but will cost us everything, including our freedom.

There is no doubt that we are headed for disaster unless the madness is turned around. If we allow our government to destroy itself, we will be in the same boat as George Washington was when he crossed the Deleware River, frozen and sick with no possiblity of victory without Divine intervention. He prayed, before that journey, that God would bless the campaign with victory. Does it seem strange that a General of the Army would pray such a prayer, especially in 1777? If that same predicament were to happen now I’m not so sure it would occur. We have given God second or even third place in our lives. We tend to try everything else first before we even think of prayer. Our founding fathers would not allow governmental interference in private affairs, and business. They would expect you to pay taxes however. Big business was not an issue, but private business, such as farming, printing, markets, and banks were privately owned and privately run, without much intrusion by government, except to pay taxes, of course. We have a government which routinely interferes with private businesses, interferes in private lives through nanny state laws, and imposes regulations on everything from a to z. Now the government wants to control the whole media industry from the newspapers to the internet. Through the FCC President Obama and his cronies want to control our freedom of speech by regulating our media outlets. If they don’t like what is being said about them, or if we disagree with them they want the power to shut us down. Our freedom of speech, and the press are rights endowed by our Creator, and this government does not have the authority to shut anything down, or punish someone just because they don’t capitulate to their will. That is tyranny, and is unconstitutional, and even treasonous.

We are required to be watchmen on the wall, searching for enemies without and enemies within. We must be diligent and without bias. We are not out to get those who simply oppose us, we are looking for those who would destroy us. We must raise the trumpet and sound the alarm when danger tyranny raises its ugly head. We cannot abandon the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that our founding fathers, in their wisdom, wrote down for our safety. If we fail we risk enslavement to a subversive system of radical idealogues, attempting to impose a system of government that leads to the death of our democratic federal republic, and our constitution. Time is of the essence and our resolve is needed. Don’t give up without a fight.