Dear Mr. President

Why are you so hell-bent on destroying America? We, the people you say you love, want an America where we are free to live, love, and work without government interference. We want our government to help us by remaining small, defending our borders, and defending our nation. We do not want our government running every aspect of our lives. Why are you trying to ruin our economy, and ruin the best healthcare system in the world? We, the people, don’t want government taking control of our future chances for economic freedom. We also don’t want government telling us how much money we can make, or pushing our energy bills, and taxes into the stratosphere. We don’t need protection from climate, nor do we need government interference in our carbon footprints. You are becoming more of a problem than a solution, because you think big government is the answer to everything. It is not the answer, it is the problem. Government has no place in anything other than defending our borders, which you are not doing, defending our nation against outside enemies, and creating a safe America through the justice department. The role of government at the federal level was the last, and least form of government in the Constitution because the people come first, then the local governments, the state, then lastly the federal government. The reason for that was so that tyrants could not inflict power over the citizenry. You, however, have chosen to ignore the very Constitution you took an oath to uphold, and destroy everything our founding fathers held dear. I would suggest you read and study the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, then read George Washington’s 1796 farewell address. You might just learn something. You, being a constitutional lawyer should be ashamed of your self for trying to destroy the very document that made America great.

Why are you trying to destroy us, as a nation, by signing a treaty that would effectively renounce our sovereignty, placing u under the control of the United Nations, the European Union, and every other country in the world who hates us? Are you crazy or what? We, the people of the United States do not want our nation’s sovereignty abolished. We are a sovereign nation and we want to remain a sovereign nation. If you want to live in the rest of the world so be it, but don’t destroy America in the process. If you hate America so much, go live somewhere else. We, the people, are the ones who get to decide whether we want America to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. You and your cohorts in congress, and your socialist advisors can go live in some other country, if you don’t like ours. We, the people are sick and tired of you and your cohorts trying to destroy our nation, our constitution, and our healthcare system. We, the people are sick and tired of you and your cohorts spending our children’s and grandchildren’s money to destroy this nation’s economy. We, the people, are sick and tired you and your cohorts, claiming to be protecting our environment so you can usurp more power for yourselves and your cronies. Mr. President, how dare you attempt to transform this wonderful democratic federal republic into a socialist state. We, the people don’t want any part of your socialist state, and we don’t want you graft, your collusion, or your Chicago style, corrupt form of government.
We, the people, demand our rights, which were endowed by our Creator to be protected. We, the people, want freedom of reilgion, not freedom from religion, freedom of speech, not freedom from speech, freedom to bear arms, not freedom from bearing arms, freedom of the press, not government run press, freedom of redress of grievances, not being brutalized by the government if we don’t agree with your policies. This government did not give us those rights and freedoms, and you, as the government do not have the right to take them away. Your attempt to control the press, and to punish those who disagree with you is totally against the constitution, and therefore treasonous. You are attempting to centralize and control every aspect of the broadcast and newspaper industry, and that flies in the face of the rights and freedoms we, the people, have enjoyed for over 200 years. You have no right to take that right away. You have no right to transform this great nation into a dictatorship. We, the people will not stand by and see our nation destroyed by you and your cohorts. There is no excuse for you to turn this great nation into a bananna republic. We, the people are awake now, and we are watching your every move. We have watchmen on the wall, searching the horizon, watching for the enemy, even the enemy close to home. We, the people, are not willing to see our nation destroyed from inside our borders. We, the people, will win the fight, because there are more of us than there are of you.   


                                                                                                   WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES