Restoration and Reformation of Insurance Companies

With the growing population of uninsured and underinsured there is a tendency for insurance companies to resign there post as the health care attenders they should be. What do I mean by health care attenders? These are the watchers who guard our lives from calamity by helping keep us afloat when a crisis occurs. When a crisis occurs we hope our insurance company will help deflect the cost of our catastrophe by paying some or all of the costs involved. Some pay into the insurance company for a long period of time only to be disappointed due to the insurance not covering the catstrophe, only paying a small amount. Even at 1/2 to 1% of people not being paid is troubling. Having dealt with insurance companies, I can relate to the reluctance of those companies to pay for services they cover. One example is receiving money due when a doctor bill is in the mailbox, or having a doctor on their staff examine you and declare you healed even though the pain is still at 8 out of 10 so they don’t have to pay for services rendered. 

President Obama talks about choice and competition while invoking an insurance scheme wherein no choice or competition is present. If choice and competition were his goal, he would open up the competition for insurance companies to compete across state lines, especially in health care. He would also allow groups of small businesses to buy healthcare insurance together. When companies have to compete with many companies across the nation added benefits will come into play because in order to compete more and better benefits must be offered. The government needs to stay out of the way of the war of befefits that would ensue. In fact, government should stay completely out of insurance. Customer service would also improve because if one company is stingy with their benefits, someone else will come along and offer more, and offer faster service. The only thing government needs to watch is collusion, making sure insurance companies don’t conspire to only pay a certain amount across the board. When that happens competition dies.

The restoration and reformation of insurance companies begins with giving them the tools to lower their costs, and improving the playing field so that competition can flourish. The tools necessary for that include options for consumers such as; health savings accounts, portability, service oriented insurance policies, catastrophic insurance, wherein the healthy individual pays for his or her own doctor visits, but has catastrophic health insurance for the day when something untoward happens, either as an accident, or a disease such as cancer, or heart attack etc. Tax breaks for those who need health insurance but cannot afford it can also be given. There are many way to give incentives to insurance companies without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

It is not necessary to completely overhaul the health care system of America, unless, of course, the only thing you seek is power. The health care bills now being considered do not offer any real reforms, they just transfer the power of the healthcare system to government control. This is a violation of each citizens civil rights, and the federal system of government founded by our forefathers. These bills transfer the authority of government to the national government, which is unconstitutional, and even worse unconscionable. This healthcare bill takes the role of our federal government, which was designed to have the least power, and flips that design on its head making the federal government the ultimate power. It is a coup which replaces the true arbiters of this nations’s power, WE THE PEOPLE, with the abominable egalitarian form of government. This has been the plan all along. We have people in power right now who despise the federal republic and prefer the autocratic and even the despotic form of government. When Chavez, Castro, and Mao, are the people you want to emulate, something wicked this way comes. This healthcare bill is just the first step to the destruction of this nation, its Constitution, and the Bill of Rights we all enjoy.

It is only right that we the people fight against the policies that those in power want to foist upon us. Therefore let us not waver in our intent to keep our freedom and liberty. This bill is an abomination, therefore let us fight for the righrt to be heard, and speak through our votes and our Tea Parties, and our petitions of redress until we can vote these tyrants out of office. We must stay vigilant and we can do this.