Restoration and Reformation of Poetic License

Why am I trying to restore and reform a simple thing like poetic license when there is so much trouble in this nation? Poetic license is an outgrowth of freedom of speech. In order to have poetic license there must be a possibliity of speaking or writing without the thought police and the fear traders grabbing the limelight by denouncing the poet as an evil troublemaker, or worse, an enemy of the State. The first amendment grants every individual the right of free speech. No doubt some speech is offensive to some, or even many, but is that speech, however obnoxious, forbidden by the first amendment? Common decency is the key to stopping the flow of obnoxious and offensive language, and that can only be taught by parents, at home. A little soap in the mouth of a two year old does wonders. No child has to speak obnoxiously, and no adult needs to speak that way either. It just isn’t necessary. If a person doesn’t have any more vocabulary that obnoxious, or indecent words to say then they probably don’t need to say anything at all until they can find something important to say. It also make that person look smarter too, even if they aren’t. Common decency has nothing to do with freedom of speech, because the speech is voluntarily stopped. The problem comes when the government, in a fit of Victorianism decides to take away our rights. Now the issue changes from common decency to violation of rights. Poetic license is thrown out the door because someone desires to squelch everyone’s rights to stop one person from offending someone who cries wolf, like the boy who cried wolf, even though no wolf was present, finally no one came and the wolf ate him. When the government becomes the arbiter of our rights, we are in a position of slavery, because when the government decides what rights and priviledges we have, rather than protecting the rights we naturally have, we are brought into subservience to the State, rather than being free, and enjoying the liberties guaranteed by our Creator. If government becomes the arbiter of our rights, they also have the authority to take them away. However, our Constitution concretely states that our rights are God given, not government given.

Poetic license is a major factor in our society because we like to tell stories and entertain our neighbors and friends with tales if daring do. That is where we began as a people. We told stories to pass along our history and teach our children who they are. We still tell our stories about our family history and put there lives in a historical context. We also use storytelling to relate our religious views and the spiritual makeup of our family to the next generation. Life cannot be imparted to the next generation unless we tell them about the past, and their part in the history of that past. However, it is very important to include all of history and not the revised history our children are taught in school. Lying about our past, as a nation, is wrong, and so indecent as to be compared to robbing our children of a very expensive treasure. Our past history is the basis of our democracy and the robbery of that treasure is not only insulting to all of us, but it is a treasonous act on the part of those who write the history books for the school systems in America. History, good or bad is important to learn, and trying to change history because you don’t like aspects of it is an act so vial as to be an act of treason. There is a difference between poetic license and stealing a person’s historical past to further an agenda of cleansing the past of anything you don’t agree with, or to cover up our nation’s Christian heritage. That is a case of denying a person the truth for a cause, such as freedom from religion, rather than freedom of religion, as stated in the Constitution. We must be diligent and protect our rights. If the government is able to take away one right, they will be able then to take all of them away. We have nearly lost our freedom of religion because no one deems it an important right, but if it goes, what will be next? The restoration of poetic license is an important project. It is one project we can’t afford to allow to fail. The dominoes are lined up and one flick of the finger may just begin the toppling of the rights we hold dear. We simply can’t allow our government to topple those dominoes, because if we do we will be the ones who suffer most. We are strong and we are the ones who hold the key to power at the moment. Let us not become weary, because the alternative is not a good one. We can do this!!