Restoration and Reformation of Afghanistan

In many ways we see Afghanistan as a wild unruly place wherein tribes of poor, wretched people live in squalor. There is, however, a toughness in these Bedouins that has seen them through thousands of years of struggle. If they are trained to do their own fighting, their way, only better armed, they will defeat the Taliban and Al Quaeda without as much of our help. The key is to allow them to become the fighters they already are, only more organized. If we learn how to fight the Taliban and Al Quaeda the same way they fight, with the training we have already, they would lose much of their power. If the populace is fighting on our side, the Taliban will have no one to recruit.

We have the recourses to help the Afghans become self sustaining. If we give them the supplies they can retake any land the Taliban has. The war won’t be pretty but it will be productive.

The restoration of Afghanistan is only going to work if the Afghan people are instrumental in winning the war on their own terms. Since the Afghans are tribal people each tribe will be instrumental in winning their own region. We will need to bring our supplies and our expertise to them, and fight along side them, training them, and learning from them. 

One thing we do need to do is show them how to harvest a crop they can eat and sell rather than one that is unhealthy to all. Reforestation and green technology would bring money to the tribes, and bring about a better friend in the region. Time is a factor in this process, because the Taliban will not wait around for us to make friends with these tribes. However, we have the capability to do the job.

The reformation of Afghanistan is another issue. There is a long history of Islam dating back to the eighth century, and there is very little tolerance for people trying to change people’s religious beliefs. Although Christianity is growing, it is still not well tolerated. It will take time and patience, and much courage to bring change to the Afghan people, and God will have to do most of the work, but then He already does.

Afghanistan is a hotbed of opportunity and we have a great possibility for victory in that nation. Our only problem lies with President Obama, who is dragging out the decision to send badly needed troops to the theater. Let us hope that he will decide soon, before this war is taken out of our hands by the Taliban, because they know the tribes are important too, and if we don’t have these tribes on our side, they will become our worst nightmare. He who supplies the goods gets the prize.