Restoration and Reformation of Life

While the health care debate is raging we are in the midst of a crisis which does not get much press. Each and every day thousands of innocent lives are lost through abortion. I know, this is a hot topic, but one that needs to be addressed, because the health care bill in the House of Representatives includes tax payments for abortion on demand without any restrictions. The bill kills any parental control or permission before a young woman in their teens can have an abortion. Even the worst procedures are allowed, including partial birth abortion. Taxpayers, whether they agree with abortion or not will have to support it through their taxes. Abortion was wrong in 1973 and it is still wrong. It is wrong because there are no consequences for bad behavior. When all you have to do is go into a clinic and remove the problem, the solution seems simple. The consequences, however, don’t go away with the baby. The obvious ones do, but the damage to the young woman are present none-the-less. Those damages are only seen through the eye of the soul. When a baby is aborted, a part of the mother is also cut into. The psychological damage, and in some cases physical damage prevent the mother from living a life free from the guilt of her action. Abortion and pregnancy become a reoccurring pattern, which abortion clinics thrive on. Normal relationships are harder to come by, because love is seen as a physical act rather than a lifelong committment. reoccurring abortions decimate the uterus, and eventually destroys any chance of having a baby.

Margeret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, spoke often about the fact that if you start a woman soon enough, she will become a regular customer. She also continually spoke of the need to annialate those deemed to be inferior. That was the guiding light that Hitler, and Stalin went by in their respective nations, and we know what happened to millions of people under their rule. In America there have been nearly 50,000,000 abortions performed. Most of those have come at the expense of minorities, Planned Parenthood’s favorite target. It always intrigued me why minorities always support Planned Parenthood when they were the main target, because Planned Parenthood has always stated in their writings, beginning with Margaret Sanger that minorities, immigrants, and the poor, should be eliminated because they were obviously inferior.

This process is called Eugenics. It consists of forming a higher race, or master race, as Hitler called it, through selection of the smartest, healthiest, and strongest within the population and replicating them. As a health care plan, this works really great. That is why the ultra liberals want rationing of health care. They want to give the best care to those who will make society a strong, healthy, smart, higher race of ultraliberals. Therefore, those who are infirmed, old, chronically ill, imperfect in any way, are rationed. When those are gone the next group becomes vulnerable, until the only ones left are those who believe themselves to be perfect. It will be a tragedy when the last one is left alone, and he will have to kill himself because he finds out he’s not perfect.

What about restoration? Do we have a chance? Restoration after an abortion is indeed possible. Even multiple abortions don’t stop the possibility of restoration. Reformation is achievable even for the “worst” of us. The hardest part of restoration and reformation is admitting that we have made the wrong choice, allowing someone, or ourself to have an abortion. Never forget, Jesus died so that we could be reconciled to the Father in heaven. Sin is not the end of everything, if we decide to change the direction we are travelling, turn around and come, allowing Jesus to hold us in His arms and say your sins are forgiven. He longs to hold us in His arms like a little girl holds her doll, caressing and loving it with every fiber of her being. Jesus loved us so much He allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross, suffer, die, and be buried. He then rose from the dead to seal the deal. He forgave us while He was on that cross, and seeks to reconcile each and every one of us to our Father in heaven. No one has sinned too much to not be forgiven. All it takes to gain forgiveness is to say; Jesus if you are real, change me, and show me who you are. Live in me, and make me whole. Thank You. That is all it takes. He’s ready and waiting.