Restoration and Reformation In the Eye of the Storm

The eye of the storm is calm and almost eerily peaceful. However, it is only temporary. While that eye is still above us, we have a chance to escape its grasp. Once the eye is past we are in the midst of the storm again. The same is true of a nation. While the eye is above us, we can we can see clearly what lies before us. Once the storm hits again we will be blinded by the fury of the storm. The decision making time is during the time when the eye is open.  America has been making decisions in the midst of a perpetual storm for over one year. We have seen storms come and have not waitwed until the eye of the storm arrives. Decisions have been made while chaos runs rampent and we are seeing the results in the legislation that has come out of congress. Of course, it might have been different if congress had actually written the legislation. When even the writing of the legislation is outsourced to some fringe group, one never knows what kind of bill will come forth. That kind of irresponsible action only adds to the power of the storm, and brings about the destruction of our Republic. The storm we face in America is one which can only be called a man made firestorm, or a man made contingency. The assault on America from within has created a storm of Biblical proportions. It could swamp our nation into the Sea of Chaos unless restoration and reformation are brought forth, saving America from the oblivion she faces.

Our whole system of government is on the brink of collapse due to the cunning and treachery of a few Czars, and a President bent on the reallignment of our stars and bars into a hammer and sickle with stars around it in a semicircle like China. Our president and his cronies have nearly bancrupted our nation, and brought us into a position of having a puppet government of China, and the European Union. Our nation has been sold down the river for thirty pieces of silver. If nothing is done to change our direction we as a nation will become just one of many countries within the structure of a one world government. Our Bill of Rights will be deleted, and our Constitution will be torn asunder, replaced by the United Nations charter. We will be ruled by a Junta style government, which means we will be subject to the rule of a small panel of Chaves’s. We will have no say in the government because it will not be a democratic form of government. The two classes of people will be the masters and the serf.

This may seem to be hyperbole, but whenever a group of people attempt to sierze a nation, three things happen. First they get major access to the media, then they take over the banking and business, and then they change the laws to take over any other institution, such as healthcare, or they create an atmosphere of fear, wherein everyone allows the government to take over because of a created crisis. The last thing is to have an enemy to focus everyones attention on. Some group is made out to be the cause of all the evil in the nation. In Germany it was the Jews, In Russia it was a combination of the Jews and the evil west, and here it seems to be those evil capitalists.

It will depend upon the strength of our character, and the wisdom which comes from God to overcome the dark times that are coming. Those whose faith in God is strong will survive even the worst chaotic times, because God will never leave His children as orphans. He will never leave us or forsake us, and no child of God will ever go begging for bread. It is His resposibility to take care of us. That doesn’t mean we don’t have go do anything, but He is always there for us.

The eye of the storm is a good place to ask ourselves where we are going, and how we will get there. Jesus died so we could come to Him and be reconciled to the Father. That determines where we could be going. The next question is answered by yielding our heart and trusting Jesus with our life. His burden is light and His yoke is easy, and He is a great teacher. As we learn to trust Him we find out just how committed to us He really is. He died for us while we were still enemies of God. He forgave us while we still hated Him. He took our sickness, sin, agonies upon Himself, and when He rose again the power of sin and death were broken for all time. God is not surprised by what is taking place in our world, He prophesied that all this would happen over 2000 years ago. Now you are probably wondering why so much evil is in the world and why God doesn’t fix it. First of all God created man and gave this world to Him to tend and to guard. The Evil One tempted man and he gave up his kingship, giving it to Satan. Since that time, Satan has been the ruler of this world. Since God gave man a free will, we can choose whether we serve God or Satan. God loves us no matter what decision we make, however just like every other decision we make, consequences happen. When Adam and Eve sinned, death reigned, but God promised to send a Savior, and Jesus was that Savior. When Jesus died and rose again, He broke the power of sin and death, giving those who trust in Him eternal life with Him. That is how God fixed the problem, and we are able to be part of God’s Kingdom because of Jesus. While the eye of the storm is over us we need to decide what we want to do. When the storm hits it may be too late. Now is the time to consider well what our future holds. The storm is approaching, time is short, ask God to show Himself to you, and He will.