Restoration and Reformation of America's Sovereignty

In the last few months since the G-20 meeting in London, our financial sovereignty has been usurped by the International Monetary Fund, which is controlled by the European Union and other nations such as Saudi Arabia, China, and some smaller states. We have handed over the first part of our total sovereignty to other nations, and brought ourselves into subjection to someone elses rule. President Obama is pleased with his progress thus far. His plan of a one world government is proceeding nicely. He has surrendered without one bullet being fired, and put every American under the bondage of the rest of the world. He has, unknowingly, become a puppet ruler, with strings attached, being dangled on strings with China, Saudi Arabia, and the European Union handling the sticks the strings are attached to. If we continue to surrender our sovereignty to other nations, we also surrender our Constitution, and unfortunately, our Bill of Rights.

Now we are faced with an even greater threat. In Copenhagen, Denmark, in December, a treaty will be introduced which, if signed, would strip this nation of our sovereignty, form a world government with taxing authority. We would be taxed so we could repay third world countries for damages we have done, or ever will do to the the climate, because of the carbon footprint we have left, by using all the worlds resources. Our economy, and our total sovereignty will be under the control of the European Union, and the other 190 countries that hate us, and want our money. This treaty would ruin our economy, if we don’t do that ourself. This one world government would be able to tax, make laws, and punish those nations who don’t follow through on their revenue sharing. This is a world power grab. This treaty makes the Kyoto treaty look lame in comparison. The Senate would have to have a two thirds majority to pass this treaty ( 67 votes ). We must not allow this treaty to pass through the Senate even though President Obama will sign it.

If our spending does not stop, we will become a nation of serfs, doing the bidding of the marionette masters. President Obama believes he is doing us a favor by bringing us down to the level of every other nation, hoping to have a place in the one world government as a king, but if prophesy is right, all ten kings are destroyed after they hand over their crown to the supreme ruler. There is a saying that is appropriate here; be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

How can we restore our sovereignty without a revolution by force? First we need to restore sense to congress by voting out all the sovereignty-killers. Then we need to clean out all the bureaucrats in government. then we need to pay off the loans to China and Saudi Arabia. Once that is done we can take our place in the world and keep it. All of this sounds like an impossibility, but we are Americans, and we can do it. Once congress is cleaned up, we can redirect the finances, and put our government back on track by cutting it down to size. If we don’t try, we lose, and losing is not a good thing in this case because losing means we lose everything. Reformation begins in our neighborhoods, and spreads out over the whole nation, State by State. Time is running out, and we have much work to do. We can do it, we must!