Restoration and Reformation of Justice

In America it is still said that we are innocent until proved guilty. There is, however, a growing trend in our society that states that if you have enough money, and can escape for long enough, you get off without any punishment. Even when the crime is heinous, there is an outcry for no punishment. There seems to be a growing trend in America that there should be no punishment for any crime, and if there is jail time it should be short and sweet. We can’t have people labeled as criminals, or as deviant, that would be bad for their psyche. The Polanski case comes to mind wherein celebreties are arguing that he should not be punished for a crime he committed 30 years ago. What they don’t understand is that there is not a time limit on Rape, especially when the victim was a thirteen year old girl. These people should read the trial transcript, then make up their mind concerning Polanski. No criminal is too big to go to jail, no matter how much money or prestige he or she has. Justice is increasingly being perverted and crimes are being softpedelled.  Corruption is invading the highest levels of government. Senators and Representatives are skirting the law, out and out breaking the law, and then hypocritically making tougher laws which cover the very acts they have done and gotten away with. Charles Rangel comes to mind, and then goes to the pit of my stomach. Hypocrisy is something that leaves a stench wherever it is found. We, as a nation, have a responsibility to clean out the corruption wherever it exists. Whether corruption is found at a small organization, on capitol hill, or in the White House, it must be rooted out and destroyed. Those responsible for that corruption need to be prosecuted, and imprisoned. If justice is to prevail in America, the justice department will have to back away from those they are beholden to and honestly, and painstakingly investigate every area of our government. This does not only concern the Federal government, but State governments as well. We cannot allow corruption to become entrenched in the governmental system. It would destroy us as a nation. No one is above the law. America was formed on that premise, and our Constitution is the law of the land. If case law does not agree with the constitution it is not valid. The Constitution is based upon the law of God, and there is no law above that law. God does judge nations, and America is no exception.

Restoring justice also includes the widows and the orphans, the poor and the downtrodden. What kind of justice will we have for them. Will we shut them out of any plans we have for America; I hope not. Justice is not without its victims. We see the evidence of what happens when the widows and orphans, and the poor and downtrodden pour into the streets in protest. Of course we haven’t seen much of that lately, but if you go to a town meeting in a minority neighborhood many voices are heard. The basic message is one of need, and frustration with the governmental system. I empathize with them because there has been a constant struggle to survive within the community. But what type of justice will serve that community best, and how can those of us on the outside contribute if the community doesn’t trust us enough to allow us in. Restoration and reformation begins with trust, and some say trust has to be earned. That is true in some cases, but trust must be extended by both communities so that real justice can prevail. How do we help quell the violence which is perpetrated by those in the community, upon those in the community? Something has to change quickly, but it is not an easy thing to do. Because of many failed programs put forth by the federal government between 1964 and now we have seen the destruction of the minority communities. Welfare and other programs that were supposed to help actually destroyed the home by turning out the husband and father in order to get welfare, thus we have one parent households, which make it tougher to raise the children. We have children raising children, and young men who can’t read or write trying to get jobs where both are required, thus with nothing to do trouble comes.  The situation becomes so overbearing it absorbs every bit of energy just to maintain an equal footing let alone getting ahead. Programs won’t help. The only thing that will help will be for the community to become one voice and reject anything that diminishes it. Fight for the community, not as a victim, but as a practical, organized, and triumphant community. God is on your side and most Americans want you to succeed. Don’t listen to the naysayers, but keep on keeping on! Choose life over death, enough people want your community destroyed, don’t help them. Don’t choose abortion, but choose life. Planned Parenthood is not any friend of the minority communities. Their whole strategy is to wipe you from the face of the earth because they see you as inferior. You are not inferior!! You are children of a loving God.

Justice is a multifaceted and diverse entity. It must remain aloof and separate from the clutches of any branch of government. There is no place in our nation for a justice department that does the bidding of one person, nor is the justice department one which ignores the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are the backbone of this Federal Republic. If the justice department does not believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, who will? The oath of office states that each person in the justice department defends and upholds the Constitution of the United States. The United States is a sovereign nation, and the justice department has no business trying to incorporate United Nations laws into our everyday lives. The United Nations does not rule America yet. Remember who you work for. If you don’t know, you work for the people of the United States, not the people of the world.

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