Restoration and Reformation of Our Eyes and Ears

What are we hearing these days? What are we seeing? Are we being told the truth about anything? Is anything we see on TV true, or is it propaganda spread like butter on a piece of bread?

We hear words which speak of our nation as a pariah to the rest of the world, and we see our President speak to the world about a perfect storm coming to the world called global warming, and it’s our fault. We see the truth through the filter of a bought and paid for press. We hear the truth about our world through the filter of a propaganda machine which used to be investigative reporting by journalists turning over every rock hoping to find dirt.

We see and hear school children singing songs of adoration to the President like the school children of China, and the choirs of children singing at Neuremburg. Propagandizing through the mouths of children is not cute, nor does it fit into American dignity. By the way, parents do not sever their rights over their children when they cross the threshhold of the school building. Teachers are responsible to the parents for what they teach in school, not the other way around. The parents are the boss of everything in this nation, and they shall be listened to, or perhaps your schools might not open any more. The pursestrings are in the hands of the voters, aka parents. The first step in restoring and reforming the school system is to remind the school system that we who vote, parents, are the ones who are in control, and no matter what anyone says, we are the boss. If we want our school system to be cleaned up, and the right subjects to be taught, we had better show up, speak up, and, if necessary, act up. We can’t allow the school system to intimidate us any more. As parents and grandparents, we need to stand up and fight back, unless we want our children to end up being the zombie squad, mouthing the platitudes of some ideologue.

We see and hear what we want to see and hear, and nothing will change that, however, we can scrutinize the message, even when we agree with it. Unless a person is an ideologue and a radical partisan there is a chance that a somewhat open mind is present. Use the intelligence God gifted you with and check the message for factual errors, and fatal errors. Factual errors are errors that are not driven by deceit, but by mistaken knowledge. Fatal errors are those which are purposefully said to deceive, and to incite reaction either for the speaker’s point, or to bring about the destruction of the enemy, which in this case is anyone who opposes the speaker’s point. This would be like saying that anyone who opposes healthcare is a racist because Obama is black, and those who need it most are minorities. This is not a true statement, but if it is said enough times people will begin to believe it. This comes right out of Lenin’s, and Hitler’s playbook.

Last but not least is the cultural invasion which has taken place in the Church. Much has been said and written concerning the fact that the mainstream denominations are toying with the idea that practicing homosexuals should be allowed to enter the clergy. Some have passed that ordinance while others are considering it. Whether it is right or wrong is not why I am writing about it. I am writing about hearing and seeing the truth filtered through what our culture sees as true, and the responses we encounter. Some church bodies will openly reject this idea,while some have and will embrace it. I can only go by what I have seen in scripture. That is my final authority. God spoke His word and it is our obligation to abide by what He said. The difference between God and man is that God does not lie, nor does He allow man to change His law. Any law God sets forth is law forever, and no matter what we think about that law doesn’t change the law. God is the KIng of His Kingdom. If we know our history, even the kings of France, or England put forth laws, for which no discussions were allowed. God is no different. Now the choice is ours to make. Will we side with God or with man? Our future may depend on our decision.

We see and we hear, but what do we do with what we see and hear? Are we wise enough to recognize the truth when we see it, or will we allow our freedom and our decisionmaking be done by someone else? We have the authority to change the course of our nation, and the future of our children. Let us not let them suffer because we did not act on their behalf. Don’t relinquish the responsibility of raising your children to the school system, or the government. Be watchmen on the wall, allowing God to intervene in your life. He can do wonders with our lives, and bring peace to our souls even in troubled times. I know, He did it for me. Seek the truth which leads to righteousness, and you will find that God is already there, and waiting for you. Only He can give you righteousness, just trust Him, He is always faithful.