Restoration and Reformation of Education In America

There has been a marked increase of ignorance in America. The cause of this ignorance is a pandemic of institutional pseudoscolarship in our education departments at major universities. This pseudoscolarship includes as its premise that children should be taught everything except, of course, those subjects they actually need. Kindergartners, according to these scolars must learn about homosexuality, and global warming, but not how to read or write. Elementary students must know about cross dressing and how to be good socialists, but still don’t know how our government works, or know the true history of the United States. The only thing they know about government is that it should be the be all and end all of life. Propaganda is presented to the students constantly either through movies such as an inconvenient truth( A lie), or through the singing of a song in praise of Obama. Students from elementary through secondary age are asked to serve the President, or spy on their parents. They are taught to question parents who disagree with global warming or the healthcare bill. Sowing disrespect for parents is not what education was like when I was in school. Teachers are dismissive of students and parents who don’t agree that a liberal, radical, big government is good. Instead of teaching the basics, which, when I was in school, were; reading, writing, grammer, American history, civics, math, science, and geography. Health and hygiene were a part of science. The young women had home economics, and the young men were taught shop, and mechanics. Prayer and Bible reading were the first thing we did in grade school, then the pledge of allegiance was said. It was an honor to speak these words, not something to be ashamed of, or to be abrogated because it might offend someone. If everyone understood the meaning behind the pledge of allegiance, and the national anthem, they wouldn’t be objecting to it. It would be better to teach these than the junk they are being taught today. How can the education of our children be restored and reformed? First of all there should be no subjects taught except those which will teach a child how to read and write, which will help in all other subjects. Reading and writing are the bases of every other area of life. If a student can read and write he or she can understand how things work, and think critically. The teaching of American history, all of it, without revision, and with no bias against religion, would bring the whole of our democratic republic into the realm of today. The study of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and all other early documents, and the knowledge of how our government works, would allow students to see the way our government was originally designed to operate. Science and technology would bring the modern world into the classroom. Information technology, and the classic sciences would allow students to learn the majesty and the wonder of the sciences. health and hygiene are important only in the realm of knowing how to prevent diseases, and protect our bodies from contamination, not for exposing our children to alternate lifestyles. Education also is not about handing out condoms through the nurses station, or taking a young woman to an abortionist without the parents consent. That is not what the education system was designed for. Education is not about pushing an agenda, whether by a teacher, or by the system itself. The role of education is to teach subjects which will enhance a childs life by making that child the best he or she can be, and the only way to do that is to help that child learn reading, writing, history, and arithmetic.

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