Restoration and Reformation of the IRS

In a long line of usurpations the IRS has become the 1000 pound gorilla in the house. It roams the house devouring every person’s sustenance by attempting to tax everything in sight. The ever growing list of taxable items reaches into the pocket of every adult, and empties the spare change jar with impunity. The tax code even takes money from the children by usurping their future by transforming the savings of their parents into atm machines. The IRS does this through the taxation of IRAs, Keoghs, and 401ks. The tax code is so large that it would take a year just to read it, it is so convoluted that even those who have had a hand in writing don’t understand it. Just look at Charles Rangel and Timothy Geitner, they were so confused they didn’t even pay their taxes.

The restoration and reformation of the IRS may have to begin by completely iliminating it and starting over. For those who want to hide money and have deductions so they don’t pay any taxes, or those who are now getting a refund every year might object, but if the tax code is to be reformed, the old has to give way to the new system. I would suggest that the old does not end until the new is begun. It would be a task worth doing to simplify the tax code. Their are some plans which are popular such as; the fair tax, which is basically a consumption tax which has a rate of approximately 23%. There is also a no tax group which says that the IRS is an ilegal entity and they should return every penny to the taxpayers beginning in 1913 when the bill was passed. This is not a valid claim, however, the truth is that the IRS as it now operates since 1913 is an unconstututional law, as is the Federal Reserve System, which was decertified in 1962 by John F. Kennedy, and that decerification was never repealed. The other system of taxation would be to have each indivivual give a percentage of their income, approximately 20%, each year. Businesses would pay 25% for all taxes per year. Each maried couple would be able to file jointly at a rate of 25%-30%, rather than pay individually. The whole tax law would consist of ten-twenty pages. Every person would pay taxes, which means there would be no more tax refunds. The 45% of taxable individuals who don’t pay into the IRS now would have to pay something even if it’s only five dollars.

Restoration of the tax system to sanity is of the utmost importance, and none is more important than refoming the tax code. It is also important to divest the power of the IRS to subjegate and quiet the citizenry through intimidation, and thuggery. If the tax codes are fair and easily understood, and there is a clear set of rules to follow the citizens will comply. There will always be some who desire to circumvent the law, but those individuals can be handled by law inforcement. If businesses have no deductions or ways to hide their money, they will pay their share of the tax burden. When the code is simple and clear, it is harder to get away with not complying with the tax code. The 12,000 page monstrosity we have now is cumbersome, confusing, and a travesty.

If we take action against the IRS as it is now, and replace it with a simple, clear, and concise we will have a savings of billions of taxpayer dollars. The amount now spent to run the IRS is staggering. The waste and the abuse of the system is abominable. The time to act is now. Forget the healthcare and cap and trade bills, this is more important than both of them and will save this nation billions of taxpayer dollars. Save our nation through tax reform and restore the citizens faith in our government. Act now.

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