Restoration and Reformation In the Midst Of Chaos

In the brief moments before chaos erupts there is a pause for thought. Whatever happens after the chaos begins depends upon what we think about during that pause. The personal beliefs and doctrines that rule one’s life will surface at that moment. Our response, or reaction, will be displayed to everyone around us. What will we do when chaos surrounds us? Where will we hide? Better yet, in whom will we hide?

We have options. We can either allow the surrounding din to destroy us, or we can be the anchor onto which others can hold. Our worldview will determine our outcome.

When chaos surrounds us we who know whose we are have the advantage of being anchored. God, who loves us with an everlasting love, restores our soul, and brings about a reformation of our life, in the midst of chaos. I know, some will view this as a flagrant attempt to proselytize. Maybe it is, but that is not my first motive. I am simply stating truths. Any decisions are entirely up to the reader.

We all guide our lives by certain rules and doctrines. Whatever doctrines we live by follow the paradigm by which we cope under the stress of chaos. We each have a set of truths that are the lens’ through which we view the external events that intersect our lives. When our truths betray us just as they did for Pangloss in Candide, by Voltiere. As the end of the story unfolds there was a great earthquake in Lisbon. His philosophy that everything is for the best crumbled, and in the end he could see no good thing in this world. This is a bad paraphrase. However, if we are established in a philosophy which has nothing behind it but our paradigm, it will change every time it is put to the test.

The only philosophy that does not shift is one which comes from an unimpeachable source. There is only one source that is truly unimpeachable, and that is our Heavenly Father. He does not lie, and He does not change. He loved us when we were still His enemies, and He loves us still. He is in the restoration and reformation business, rebuilding us fom the inside out. The life He offers does not change what is happening in this world, because the deeds that happen in this world are the result of our sin, not His. He changes the paradigm that we live within, and gives us a life wrapped in His peace, joy, and love.

But, you say, If God really loves us He would stop all the evil in this world and stop all the tragedy that surrounds us. He could do that, but He placed man in this world to have dominion over it. That was to be our place in this world. We, however, gave control of this world to the Devil, because we wanted to rule this world without anyone over us. The deception that Satan used worked well, but to man’s dismay, we traded bosses, and death has reigned in this world ever since. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the condition of this world. This world will be restored again when Jesus comes back. Those who believe in Him, and trust Him reign with Him and be with Him eternally. Those who reject Him will die again, and spend eternity separated from God. We have from now until the day we die to decide our “fate.” We can live our lives blaming God for everything, and living our lives as we please, or we can accept Jesus into our hearts, and trust Him to grant us life everlasting. The choice is ours to make. Our Heavenly Father will love us no matter what we decide. The consequences of our decision are up to us, we decide where we will be in eternity. God does not send us to Hell, we do, by the decision we make. Decide wisely.