Time To Question Time To Search Time To Answer

It is time to question who we are as a nation. Is the corruption which we have seen at ACORN endemic throughout our whole nation? Are we as a nation succumbing to the problems that plague Mexico and many other nations? Are we, as citizens, going to allow this nation, which has been a beacon of light, to have that beacon’s fire put out? It is time to search our own hearts, and find out what we are willing to put up with. Are we willing to overlook corruption just because it is being done by people who are “doing so much good” otherwise. Corruption is corruption no matter who is doing it. If we love our nation, we cannot allow it to become a bananna republic wherein corruption reigns everywhere. When that happens only a few people get the benefits of society, those who rule, and those who are rich enough to get by with anything. The peons get shafted and burned. Those who have nothing have less, and the ruling class, and the peon’s masters get fatter. When power becomes the goal of a party, whether Republican, or Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent, Socialist, or Nazi, the nation dies, and the state is born.

A nation is the country where a person is, by right, free to become whatever he, or she can, because the government does not interfere with the process. Our rights are inalienable, given by our Creator, and government has no right to take them away.

A state is a country wherein the government is the executor of each person’s rights. When this happens, the state which gives those rights to us can also take those rights away. The state is the arbiter of all our hope, and is the one who makes all our decisions.

If we could choose, which one sounds like the kind of country we want to live in? The answers are before us and we are the ones who must decide which country is best. Personally, I choose a nation over a state every time. However, each person will have to decide on his own.

Before a decision is made, I think each one of us should read the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, as well as George Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796. These documents will open the eyes and ears of those of us who read them, and inspire each of us to hold fast to the principles this nation was founded upon.

If we decide to keep this country a nation, we must continually act upon those principles which our forefathers brought forth upon this continent dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, and that this government shall be of the people, by the people, and for the people. We should never forget how, why, and who began this nation, under God’s hand of grace, as Thomas Jefferson, and Benjiman Franklin said more than once.

Time is marching on and we are in a struggle for the very soul of this great nation. Some desire a state. Many desire a nation. The decision is in our hands. Decide well!