Operation Successful, Patient May Live

In the last few hours we have seen America at work, operating on our government’s diseased body, Congress. It will be a delicate operation. The operation is on the ears. It has become necessary to perform this operation because the ears of Congress has been filled with Waxman and Markey, and President Obama’s version of the truth. there has been problems with Congress’s hearing ever since November, but the patient was moving so fast no diagnosis was possible until now. The August break gave America’s doctors a chance to find out what the problem was. When the patient won’t come to the doctor, the doctor must come to the patient. Therefore, the team of doctors made the trip to Washington DC to repair the damaged ears. We will see if the operation was a success when Congress comes back into session on Monday. It was too bad that the president couldn’t hear what was going on, he was too busy making noise, drowning out the people. I’m sorry to say he came to my city to drum up support for his boondoggle. There is apoint where boondoggles should be seen for what they are, and placed in the boondoggle cemetary along with all the rest.

The operation on Congress’s ears will be successful, but if not a transplant will be necessary. New ears will have to be installed in 2010. In the mean time it will be necessary to keep the patient from hearing more lies, or allow them to become deaf again by resting their ears by writing them letters. Tell them how they should vote, and tell them why they should not become a statistic and a retired Senator or Representative by becoming deaf again. I know how much Congressmen want to continue being Congressmen, because they don’t want to have to compete in the real world marketplace of jobs. We need to keep reminding them who their boss really is. Don’t forget about the state congressmen, and governors, they need to be reminded who their boss is too. We might just have to operate on them too.