If We Serve Them They Will Come

It is an old axiom which most nationalities know. If you feed them they will come, or if you have work for them they will come, all have the end result of bringing aliens, legal and illegal, to our shores.The same thing is true of healthcare, if we treat them they will come. I’m not advocating letting a patient die for lack of healthcare, but openly inviting more and more aliens to come with a promise of healthcare they don’t have to pay for is just as bad. If a provision is in this healthcare bill for giving coverage to illegal aliens, the outcome will be a stampede of people coming to America to see a doctor, paid for by the taxpayer. The cost for that care will spiral out of control, leaving the taxpayer holding the bag. I have said it before, but it bears repeating; When the middle class is destroyed because of being taxed to oblivion, the only ones with money are those in power. However, when the middle class in the western roman empire disappeared so did the western roman empire. President Obama, and the liberal contingency are determined to destroy the middle class, therefore securing their power, and not having anyone strong enough to fight back. It therefore behooves us as middle classers to fight back, and bring the rest of the nation with us. The 9-12 project is doing great work, as well as the Tea Party group. It has been a long summer, but we cannot give up yet, because the liberals won’t give up until they have all the power. We will make our voices heard today, September 12, 2009, but we cannot let our guard down. The thirst for power does not surrender, it just looks for another opportunity, with different language, and different code words, just like a spy. They move underground until they can strike again, just like snakes and rats. Just like Dark Helmet, from SpaceBalls the movie said; “evil always wins because good is always so dumb.” Well, we don’t have to fit that description. We need watchmen on the wall, just as they did in the castles. There is a war being waged against the American people, with the intent to bring us into servitude, under the thumb of socialism, and the invironmentalists. The socialists want their power, and the rabid invironmentalists want to thin out the population so nature can rule, well actually they want to rule, nature is just am excuse to grab power for themselves. They worship nature, and see man as the enemy of nature, however, they want to be the arbiters of the way nature is taken care of. It’s called we’re all equal, but I’m more equal than you, therefore I will rule.

You might ask what does this have to do with aliens coming for healthcare? The healthcare bill is just a part of a whole scheme put forth to break the power of the middle class by taxing us to death, or servitude. The cap and trade bill, and the other stimulus bills were and are the other pieces to the puzzle. As each is passed, the power is shifted to the socialists through the downgrading of the middle class. When there is no more middle class, since everyone will be poor except the ruling class, it will be easy to take full control of every area of our lives. If this scenerio plays out to its ultimate conclusion, we would see the same thing happen here that happened in Germany and Russia. If we end up with a Venezuelan type of government, we will have no freedoms. In a European socialism some things will remain, but the power will remain in goverment control, not our control. The government will be the final arbiter of what rights we have, not we the people. Our constitution would be disbanded, maybe not in theory, but not in practice.

Where there is no hope, freedom is sacrificed; where there is no freedom, liberty is forgotten; where there is no liberty, servitude grows; where servitude grows, the soul dies; when the soul dies, resurrection comes; when resurrection comes, hope returns; when hope returns, reformation begins; when reformation begins, revolution springs forth; when revolution springs forth, freedom follows; and liberty is restored.

If we avoid the beginning of this process, we won’t need to go all the way down this road, but it is up to us.