Presents For the Common Folk

As the summer winds down we have seem the Dermocrats scurrying back to Washington to get away from the madding crowd. President Obama is set to speak to the joint session of congress so that he can rally the troops after a disasterous battle. After having their ears burned and their shins bruised by their constituents, they are more than happy to be back on familiar turf. Once congress is back in session, I suspect that all kinds of presents will be given to various Senators and Representatives to seek their vote on the healthcare bill. Gifts for the folks back home will fill the coffers of each Senator and Representative who betrays his or her constituents. Either there will be a special provision in the bill, like there was in the stimulus bill, for programs in each state, or for the congressman personally.

It will be up to us as citizens to stay in touch with our congressmen and women to keep them from accepting the bribe when it is offered. We must keep the phones ringing and the emails humming. The fight for our freedom and liberty will not be safe until we replace the majority of congress with people who will listen to the constituents they serve. It will need to be a priority to have a congress that will take the responsibility to clean up the bureaucracy by retiring the old guard and replacing them with people who will only write the bills that are set before them and not change the structure of that bill. We will be truly free when we are able to enjoy our God given rights without trepidation.

The checks and balances are in place to protect the citizens of this great land, but President Obama has blurred the line that separates the powers of each branch of government. We are in a constant battle to keep our congressmen vigilant and watchful as the gifts and the promises begin pouring in from the White House hope chest. Our congressmen won’t be able to read our minds, but letters, emails, petitions, and phone calls will tell them where we stand on the issues, so keep up the good work.