Czars and Cars and Stars and Mars

It seems that every week or so President Obama comes out with a new czar. We now have 37. What are we going to have a czar for next, planetary exploration? About the only thing left to be brought under the control of the executive branch is the atmosphere, and I expect to see that soon. When the car czar came into being, I thought we were in deep trouble, but with the health czar, and the green jobs czar, and the diversity czar, we’ve seen our whole life mapped out before our eyes. Everything under the Sun has some kind of czar to oversee our daily lives in action. The nanny-state syndrome has hit President Obama like the swine flu hit Mexico. It’s like the plague has hit him, except that this plague is one which eats a man’s brain out and replaces it with the dreaded nanny-state complex. It is much like the Eopidus complex but more ethereal. The lust for power is the same as Eopidus. The czars are a means to an end, which is the total surrender of each citizen to the awesome power of President Obama and his czars. The one thing that President Obama does not understand is that once the czars get what they want, he is expendable. That is the pattern of radical takeovers, just ask Che Guevera. Once Castro got control of Cuba, Che was eliminated. Once the nanny-state becomes a reality, it will eat up its founders until the strong man comes to power.

It is for this reason that the nanny-state complex must be cured and eliminated before the infection can spread. If it is not, we will see an epidemic which will spread accross this nation like the swine flu, with no antidote, and no vaccine.

There is hope. As long as there are brave and patriotic citizens we have a good chance to thwart this nanny-state complex. Every time we speak out we thrust a spoonful of medicine in Obama’s mouth. When we have those Tea Parties, we challenge that complex. Every time a pundit or a talk radio personality rallies people to take a stand against an unjust bill, such as HR 3200, or a stimulus package, or cap and trade, more of that medicine is poured into the mouth of the President. More pressure must be brought to bear on the Senators and Representatives, calling and writing them with statements which oppose these afore- mentioned bills. If the president and his minions can claim to change America, so can we. We can also use the same methods they do. There is no rule that says only one side can use these tactics. They will scream louder than ever if we use their methods against them and beat them at their own game. Let us not be like sheep and walk into the slaughterhouse with no thought as to what will happen next. Look around and see the writing on the wall, Obama and his minions are on the job recreating America in their image. We need to change the reflection in the mirror back to what our founding fathers saw when they looked in the mirror. They saw a nation filled with promise and hope, and worked to make it come to pass. Let us not allow that great beginning become a bitter end. Obama offered hope and change, but what he intends is hope and change in his image. His version of hope and change is to change us into puppets and marrionettes. That is not the hope and change America needs or wants. We pray that The God of Our Fathers will open the eyes of Obama’s understanding so that he may know the hope of his calling. God is not a slaveowner, He is a Father who loves His children. Pray for the President and our legislators, they need all the help they can get. pray that they seek God’s wisdom, and not go by their own. Their wisdom has not gotten them very far or even close to the destination. They have strayed so far off the path they need a guide to bring them back. They need the Good Shepherd to bring them back to the green pasture. I know, I said green, but there are green things other than jobs. America is not done yet, but we must perservere. We will never surrender to tyranny or willingly hand over our rights under the constitution. Do not fear, but fight for the rights which belong to every citizen. Those right were endowed to us by our Creator, not the government, therefore the government has no right to take them away. Fight, therefore, and wee will win.