The Market Place and The Small Business

Terrible things are coming to the market place as small businesses fall by the wayside. Jobs and economic growth are being placed on the alter of domestic welfare. Just like the western roman empire was in its twilight, we are now onthe brink of disaster. The end of Rome was the killing of the middle class through unsustainable welfare payments to citizens of Rome, and the taxing of small businesses until they could not pay any more. The middle class and small business finally became the poor class and there was no more money to give them. Roads could not be built, homes and palaces could not come into being, and public works projects could not be repaired. The western roman empire crumbled under its own weight. If the present government continues on its present course we will be in the position as Rome was in 487A.D. Once western rome fell into disarray, the enemies of Rome could pick it apart at leisure.

Our nation is like a neighborhood, just as Rome was. When a neighborhood has been trodden down by time and lack of care, the only solution is to bulldose it and start over. When the neighborhood is young and vibrant, everyone keeps up with the property because of  pride in the community. As time rolls on the residents get older, poorer, and overburdened by taxes and mandates from local governments and the state. As the burdens get bigger the community becomes more stagmated and deteriation sets in. The same was true of the western roman empire. As taxes increased, and the burdens piled up, the middle class finally gave up and left, or became so poor they couldn’t pay any more taxes. As the deteriation grows it becomes overwhelming to the residents, who either sell out and move elsewhere or stay and watch the neighborhood go through its death throes. If then a governmental institution has sufficient funds, this neighborhood can be reclaimed, rebuilt, and sold to a whole new group of neighbors. The revitalized neighborhood is alive again. However, if we, like Rome, consume our small businesses, and kill the middle class, there will be no revitalization. There will be noone left to pay the taxes and the institution of government will collapse.

Small businesses hire 70% of the working families in America. If this government succeeds in passing HR3200, or Cap and Tax, or the Card Check bill, small businesses will be dealt such a blow they will collapse under the weight of the burden, and with them goes the middle class. There will be the super rich, the government employees, and the legislators, with the master at the helm. Our society will look like most bananna republics wherein the strongest among us will be the president, or dictator for life. Small businesses are the lynch pin that holds our economy together, because they are the entity which brings jobs and products to the market place. Let us not allow our small businesses to be destroyed by the power grab of some government and large corporate leaders. There is no future if we end up losing this battle.