The Market Place and Thuggery

It is a poor substitute for a real business venture when a business decides to use force to sell its product. If the product is not a good one, no amount of force will sell it. If noone wants it, another, better product needs to be brought out of storage and put on the shelf. Now, with all that said, President Obama has a really poor product called HR 3200. So far he has tried everything in his power to get it passed, even thuggery. His henchmen are the SEIU and ACORN. When they tried to quell the local citizens, and keep those who were against HR 3200 they failed to realize that tthey were playing into the hands of the regular folk. Regular folk are not intimidated by thuggery, they just get mad. One thing the Union and Acorn found out was that regular folk don’t like people who hurt other folk, especially when the other folk have Cancer. If a business is going to succeed it does not make its consumers angry by either selling deficient products, or using force to sell it. That business also does not try to defraud the customer by lying to them about the greatness of the product when that product will break down in a short period of time. HR 3200 is such a product. It is cumbersome, convoluted, and full of confusing statements that can be interpreted two or three ways. However, those statements which are clear have effluence and intimidation written in black and white. Products must be sellable, and they must be an asset to the consumer. If they are not the consumer will bring the product back and ask for his money back. The problem is this; if HR 3200 passes there will be no way to get the money back, and the product itself is nonreturnable. Prepare for every extenuating circumstance by knowing everything about this product, HR 3200, and fight it with everything in your power. Find organizations that will support you and you can support. Then write your Congressmen and women, and call them. Tell them what a bad product this bill is and make suggestions as to how they can change the bill. Tell them about health saving accounts, tax breaks for insurance costs, being able to buy health insurance across State lines, and saying no to abortion and euthanasia. There is no place for these in a civil society. Businesses know how they must treat consumers and keep their businesses open, government must do the same. Don’t let any government or its public servants intimidate you, they are supposed to be working for you, not ruling over you. Remind them that we pay them to work for them, and if they don’t want to work for us we can fire them.