The Market Place and Lies

When someone lies about how good a product is, either by trashing it, or glorifying it, there are consequences. When someone lies about the contents of a product, through the burying of facts which would render that product unpopular, some call that salesmanship, but it is nothing more than making a false statement. The truth will eventially come out and the product will end up costing the business more money than they make. The product will end up right back on the businesses doorstep. One bad product can bring a business to the brink of disaster. I know, I’ve seen it happen. One bad line of leather jackets will kill sales for two years, and leave you with many returned coats, which end up being sold to discount shops, or given to charity. 

 The same is true of the healthcare bill, HR3200. When the President and Congress lie about the product and the comsumers find out about it, there is trouble. Then if the Congressmen, and women, tell the consumer that to oppose this bill is tantamount to treason, and unamerican, the reverberations from that will deafen the ears, and create a situation that is untenable for those Congresspeople. Thus we have the citizenry up in arms, ready to do battle, and win the day for freedom and liberty. It is a mistake to get John Q. Public angry and active. Many a foe has been defeated when the American people are angry and active, just ask Germany and Japan. When we the people are lied to by our own government it is even worse. To be called unamerican, and pawns of a few radio and tv commentators, and not able to think on our own, are insidious lies and we will not stand for that. We are not sheep, and we are not ignoramuses. We are John Q. Public and we will not be lied to, or lied about. 2010 is coming, and we will not forget how we have been treated by those who are trying to take our liberty away, and then lying about it. That is a damnable thing to do.