The Market Place and The Foolishness of Perversity

When the market place opens its doors to new business ventures, it assumes that tthe new venture will benefit the market place. When the market place is asked to lend its many skills to promote this new venture, blueprints, vision statements, roadmaps to success, detailed business plans, and future prospects, within a prospectus, are required. No money, or promotion is forthcoming until these criteria are met. If this is true why is this healthcare bill being touted and proclaimed the best thing since apple pie when most of it hasn’t even been written? My grandfather always told me never to buy a pig in a poke, because you might get a sick one and not know it. That same advise would apply to the Senators and Representatives who are trying to sell this pig in a poke. If you want to sell me a pig, I’d better get to test it, check it’s credentials, and check it’s teeth. The market place is willing to look and see what you are offering, but the more you bash the marketeers, and the venture capitalists who might buy the product, the les likely the pig will be sold. Noone will buy from someone who doesn’t even know what is in the bag, or whether the pig is able to stand up on its own. We, the people of the United States, will not buy that pig if there is something wrong with it. A sick pig can never be let loose on a farm, because it will infect the rest of the pigs. Why should someone want his farm destroyed by a sick pig? The same thing is true of a bad bill. If a bill is passed without the consent of the people, and the freedom and liberty of the people is affected by this sickness, then we all die, because when the sickness of tyranny and slavery are imposed on the citizenry, sickness and death are inevitable. That pig in a poke becomes the instrument of death to the rest of the herd. We the people have been free from an oppressive government because the founding fathers put checks and balances within the government. The Government is to be by the people, for the people, and from the people. Our government is not a collective, or a hive, or a socialized government. This is not the foundation this nation was built upon. It was built upon the premise that this nation is a Republic with the authority of the government eminating from the people. The Federal Government was designed to be the least important strata, with citizens being first, cities and counties second, states third, and finally the federal government. The federal government has usurped power from each of the other strata until it has become the dominant power. This is wrong. The federal government has become that sick pig in the poke, infecting the herd with its disease. The market place will not buy any more products from the federal government until it gets back into the strata it belongs in. This healthcare bill has become a pig in a poke and noone wants it. There has been a perverseness which has accompanied this bill, which has been spawned by the foolishness of arrogence. This foolishness has become perverse in its nature. When goon squads have to accompany Senators and Representatives to keep the citizenry from expressing their views, there is a perversity of foolishness. The citizenry will speak their minds one way or the other. If you, as our Congressmen, don’t like the views of your constituents that might be a clue that they don’t want you to vote for this boondoggle. Get a hint!!!!