The Market Place

In the world of the market place there are many questions. We ask ourselves who we are, and what do we want. In a small business that is the ultimate question. What do we want and how can we get it are dominant in the minds of those who lead that business into the marketplace. Ideas and concepts converge with creativity and passion and continue down the road to production of the finished product. All stemming from the creative aura of the design factory called the mind. All this creativity explodes into the production rooms and the sales office with a passion for the object they are to sell. As the product travels to the trade shows and the counters of buyers and wholesalers, it picks up speed and production hits its stride. The laborers and the warehouse staff hum as the product is provided to the stores and boutiques with trailers and containers traversing the planet. The small business is a success and many jobs are created as a result.

Now look at this scene as new taxes burden these businesses, through cap and trade, healthcare taxes, and taxes on products sold in the stores through high sales taxes, along with higher payroll taxes, and property taxes, because of Congresses tax and spend policies. Products won’t sell, therefore, layoffs of workers will ensue, products will be laying around at the end of the year and income taxes will have to be paid on each piece of product, and another business goes down. All the great ideas in thwe world can’t overcome tax burdens beyond their income.

If the small businesses in this nation are forced into a healthcare system that punishes them to extinction, and on top of that they have to put up with cap and trade, and all the other taxes, they will either fail outright, or move to another rea of the world where they can afford to operate. Why are our Congresspeople so intent on destroying our small businesses, thus our national economy. Small businesses are the engine that keeps our economy going. If small business cannot operate in America, whAt are they supposed to do? I wouldn’t, and i don’t think any other businesses will either. The business I was employed at no longer exists. That was partly because of the economic disaster of 9/11 in 2001. But it was also the greed of some of the partners who owned the company. However, when we were faced with over 500,000 leather jackets at the end of the year 2001, the handwriting was on the wall. If other companies face a similar fate because of a bad healthcare bill, and an even worse, cap and trade bill, there will be a flood of evacuations of companies to foreign nations where the atmosphere is more acceptable.

The Senate and the House of Representatives are supposed to be looking out for the interests of all of America, but instead you have become a bunch of thieves and robbers, only looking out for yourselves. Shame on all of you! There will be a reckoning in 2010. There is no excuse for p[assing bad legislation, and less excuse for not taking the time to read it. This whole session has been a time of mistake after mistake. There is no excuse for stupidity, as it is stated in Proverbs 12:1-3;  Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid. A good man obtains favor from the Lord, but the Lord condemns a crafty man. A man cannot be established through wickedness, but the righteous cannot be uprooted. These crafty bills are a burden on small businesses and cause unemployment, which also stops you from getting money for your programs. If you persist in destroying America in this manner, you will pay the consequences. You will be voted out of office and then you will have to pay other peoples taxes because they won’t have a job. We will not allow you to get paid your salary for the rest of your life, you don’t deserve the pay you are getting now. You will have to find a job just like everyone else. Why should everyone else suffer and you get benefits you don’t deserve. Then you will have to sign up for the healthcare bill you passed. I don’t need to tell you what that means. If you are over 70 years old you are going to have to live with your pain, just take some pills to knock you out until you die. If you are going to make others go through that you will have to do the same. You aren’t any better than anyone else. If you are going to subject others to all this crap you should have to do the same.