Reread A Soldier's Letter

I just reread a soldier’s letter to America. It was about our incredible insatiability for the idolization of the death of Michael Jackson. I wonder why it is that we Americans feel we have to cry and mourn over a pop star? It seems that a soldier’s death is of equal consequence, maybe even more of a consequence since each soldier is fighting to preserve our freedom to mourn a pop star. The soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are keeping us safe from Al quaida and Taliban terrorist attacks here at home. they also are fighting there to help make that region safer. Personally I am getting tired of hearing about him all the time. I am more interested in the living than the dead. However the death of a soldier is one more link in the chain of the American identity as a nation which fights to make the world a more free and independent place to live. It means that we still care about what happens to the poor and downtrodden. that one American trait is why America has enjoyed freedom for this long. Yes, I know, we won’t be able to fight forever, and we won’t. Our job will end soon, because we have a destiny which is nearly completed. The end of history is nearly here, and we will be out of the loop for the last part of history. But that’s o.k., because the other side of history will be one of peace, joy, and security. But for now, our soldiers deserve our highest respect and honor, and they deserve our attention when one of them gives his last full measure of devotion to his(her) nation.