Transient Hope and The Battle Over Our Nation

We have seen our nation degraded, downturned, upbraided, and usurped by our own government. The battle over our nation’s heart is heating up on all fronts. Our only hope is for Americans who love their land to step up and be counted. If we do nothing, we deserve everything we get. Time is slipping away and too much has been done to abuse our nation already. We need to jump on the bandwagon of cleaning up, and out our government. Our federal government is getting top heavy, there are too many bureaucrats, and unfortunately, they are the ones who make the policies that our President and Congress go by. We need to clear out the bureaucrats and start over with a much smaller Federal government. The only reason the federal government is necessary is to keep us safe from foreign attack, to secure our borders, and to make laws that help us remain free, both within our nation as citizerns, and as businesses. The fedreal government is only supposed to do those things the states cannot do by themselves. The states are responsible for everything else. The constitution plainly points out the role of each government, the state and federal, in the tenth amendment. Replace the Congressmen who seek a greater federal government and elect Congressmen who desire a small government. Do the same in each state. A big government is a detriment to this nation and the individual states. Take California for example, the governor and legislature have put that state into bancruptcy because of their tax and spend policies. A small government in the state and federal levels will make this nation viable again. Find people who will devote their time to the proposition that big government is the wrong route to take and get them elected. The time is short, and it is a big job. Let’s get it done.