Free As A Canery

At the dawn of a new cycle of social systems we are transformed into the muppets. We can only speak what the Obama administration says, and can only watch as our nation is stripped of its constitution. Our right of free speech is up for review in the new hate-crimes act of 2009, and the constitution takes a hit every time Obama opens his mouth. Our freedom to bear arms is being attacked by the courts, and through legislation in the new hatecrimes act and through the Attorney General’s office. Our sovereignty is being attacked on every side. The latest attack came in a speech by the congressman from California, in which he desires to stop the wall from being built, and border inforcement to be downgraded. The ongoing negotiations to make the United States, Canada, and Mexico into a superstate like the European Union, brings our sovereignty, and our constitution into jeopardy. If we lose our rights and our freedom through subtrafuge from within it is our own fault. We have trusted our Senators and Representatives too much. We have not insisted on accountability or tranparency[ as Obama officials always promise] and have not voted in the best interest of our nation. Many times we want our government to fix everything, and we are so politically correct that we don’t want anyone to fail. Well, that attitude has brought us to our present crisis. Had we allowed those who had trouble to fail, the system would have righted itself. Also, our present crisis gave some in America to use it for their advantage and bring the government down financially, and physically. By building the government rapidly those who desire a change will break it and then offer a solution, Just like Hitler and Lenin did. We are becoming as free as a bird, that is, free as a canery. If we become any freer, we will be in padded cells, just like those in Russia, for those who thought everyone should have rights. If the hate crimes bill passes, noone will have any rights left. The bill is so open to interpretation that any speech that someone is offended by will land the perpetrator in jail, even preaching the gospel, or talk radio. We are fast becoming a nation of tyranny, and treachery, not a nation with respect for the rule of law. When the government is in a position to give us everything, they are also in a position to take it away.When society becomes one which wants a handout more than it wantsfreedom and responsibility, that nation will fall. Rome fell because of that very thing, as did Greece. We are fast approaching that place. If this pattern is not reversed, this nation will fall by the wayside, and our history of greatness will just be a faded memory. I’m not preaching fear, I’m just warning us about what might be our future. We have the possibility of turning this around, but it take work. Those of us who still have a plan must make that plan known, and be willing to fight for it. I know the odds are not in our favor right now, but that can change. We see how fast change can occur, just 6 months, so if they can change all these things in 6 months so can we. Like the captain of Galaxy Qwest said; ” never give up, never surrender.” This can be our motto, too. The talent is out there for the next Senator, Representative, and President, we just have to get them out there and sell them to the rest of the nation. Just make sure those people we pick will listen to us and do the will of the constituents. If they know they can be replaced, they will listen more. We don’t want career politicians anymore. We want public servants. If freedom and the Republic for which we stand are important to us, we will make sure we succeed. Keep your head up, your chin out, and your marching boots close by, it’s going to be a busy year.