How Many Days Til Maybe

Thorough data reporting has many of us confused about what will happen if the Cap and Tax, and the Healthcare bill pass the house and the senate. How many days til maybe we can see the end of stupidity? How many day til we see the end of collectivist thinking? We are human beings not bees or wasps. We have a thinking capacity which would qualify us as intelligent. Am I wrong in assuming that our innate intelligence is going to waste, because we want to be bees and wasps. Do you know the life-cycle of a bee? A bee begins its life in an egg and 24-26 days later it dies. Collective living does not lengthen its days. I know, it’s a bad example, but the point is this; We are not bees, the collective lifestyle is not a human trait. Although we love to have family around us, we are not desirous of having a whole mob around us all the time. Quality of life includes being able to do individual things and not having to have a committee meeting everytime we do something. We humans think our own ideas, and shouldn’t have to worry whether we hurt someone elses psyche. If that person’s psyche is that vulnerable, put some salve on it, but don’t blame me for your problems. Unless a person issues venomous words to attack me personally, that person’s ideas are his own, and I have no right to censor that person. There is a bill in Congress that is so disgusting that it should be used as toilet paper. It is the new version of the hate-crimes bill. It gives the government the right to be our thought police. This law is unconstitutional, because it directly goes against the first amendment. Our freedom of speech is a fundamental right given by God, not the government. If this law passes, which freedom will be next, and how long will it be before we are living either of these books; 1984, by George Orwell, or Fahrenheit 451? I, for one, am not ready to give up my rights to the government. The government does not need my rights, or deserve them. What I think, or do is not their business, and my opinion is just as valid as anyone elses. Noone has the right to say what I can think, or say. God is the one who judges my words. If I say words that are wrong, He will tell me, and also forgive me when I repent, even if the other person won’t. However, if someone gets offended by the words I have written, I’m sorry, but don’t count on a retraction because the problem of you getting offended is yours, not mine.