Another Betrayal BY Republicans

It seems that every time we have a crucial bill thatwill impact our nation for generations, depleting our liberty, and bringing us ever closer to a soialist government, Republicans betray their country. Why is that? It’s not bad enough we have to put up with liberal democrats, but dfo we have to put up with waffling Republicans too. If those Republicans who betrayed us all aren’t voted out of office i 2010, we really deserve what we get. I expect being betrayed by Democrats, that just who they are, but to my surprise, I am cheering those Democrats who had the guts to stand up to their party’s leaders and say no to this debacle called cap and tax. I applaud them and wish them well, they will need all the support they can muster over the next few months. When the withering heat from the White House, and the Democratic leadership get done with them, they might just switch to the Republican aisle. Maybe then some Republicans will be ashamed of their vote, but I doubt it.

Now our task is clear, the Senate needs to hear from us. After all, they are supposed to work for us, not themselves. They need to respect the wishes of their constituents, and if they don’t, then they need to be replaced. Flood the switchboards, both Republican, and Democrat, telling them they work for us, and we don’t want any new taxes of any kind, and we certainly don’t want our energy bills doubling or tripling. Don’t delay, those who want our energy bills to grow exponenially won’t wait. The time is coming when we won’t have any choices left. If we don’t act now to stem the tide of socialism, we won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves for the future of this great nation. We are at the same crossroad that Germany was in 1933. When they elected Hitler to office, they had no idea what was ahead of them, but once they turned a blind eye to what he was doing, in 1936, the trail they followed was set in stone. Don’t let this great nation go the same route. Make your voices heard at the TEA parties on July 4th. It will be worth every minute of your time.