Tolerable Intolerability

It has taken the young people of Iran to awaken our own thinking in this Nation. How is it that they have so much passion? Is it the culture, or the knowledge of things we have forgotten? I watched a video of a cartoon today about the trouble we can get into when we start down the Ism road. It should be seen by every man, woman, and child. It is interesting to study history, because when we look back we can see all the things we are doing now. The western Roman Empire died because the middle class was taxed into poverty, therfore, noone had enough money to build roads or sustain the government. Every time the United States started a Federal Reserve Bank, we have gotten ourselves in trouble. That is why Abraham Lincoln by passed the bank and printed greenbacks. That is also why Andrew Jackson voided the operating license of the Federal Reserve Bank, and why it should have stayed closed. The sustainability of paying out large portions of interest to this bank is why we have such a debt load now. During the Carter years, the government was paying nearly 17% to the bank in interest, and we were paying 21.98% on loans from the bank. I remember those days when farmers lost there farms and ended up only owning the property their house was sitting on. It seems we have come full circle again. It is still true that if you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. It is, however, a possibility that Obama is doing this on purpose, because that was the original plan that the founders of ACORN and the National Welfare Rights Association espoused. Their stated purpose was to overload the system so much that the economy failed and they would move into the position of leadership via a socialist state. It has been a policy that has worked many times. Kind of makes one wonder doesn’t it. It has bee only 6 months since Obama took office, and look at all the money that has gone through our hands. The taxpayer has been pushed to the max, and the treasury is depleted. President Obama SAID THAT OUTRIGHT ON THE NEWS. He seemed to be pleased. Yet, he still wants to spend more on healthcare and then bring in cap and trade. This Nation that has been the beacon of capialism, is losing the battle to a plan hatched in the 60’s by Saul Alinsky, and Barack Obama is his pupil. Carter had tax rates of 70%, if Obama doesn’t get stopped, we could see 80%. That makes us out to be serfs working for the Lord of the Manner. Noone will be able to own property because when you only have 20% of your income to live on, you will have to live in government housing, eat government food, and wear government uniforms, because you won’t be able to afford anything else. The perfect welfare state in just 4 years, what a treat. well, now that you’ve had your bad news for the day, how about a solution. Phone, visit, and email your Senators and Representatives until they can’t take it any more, and then flood the White House telephone and email systems until Obama and his cronies get the message that we don’t want his socialist system. Then if they don’t listen, vote them out in 2010. Jimmy Carter thought he was a shoe-in in 1980, but he got booted out, so can Obama and his crew. Then we need to get the liberal bureaucrats out of their positions, and the liberal judges too. It can be done, it will take a lot of work, but if we work together we can do it.