Post To Post/ Wired For Sound

The lines are drawn in the sand, and the wires are strung along that line. Sound is coming to the point of battle. We have seen the battle raging in this Nation. A battle for the minds and hearts of its citizens. First it was the bailouts, and the need to shore up our economic infrastructure. When it was announced that money was available, banks, and wall street jumped all over it, trying to get as much money as possible. Then the banks were forced to take TARP money, and then the government was reluctant to let them give it back. It was then that some people saw the handwriting on the wall. Ron Paul, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh, saw the problem early. This was not a bailout, but a power grab. As Chrysler and General Motors sped toward bancruptcy, the Obama Elite Squad, came to the rescue, of the United Auto Workers Union. Payback is a real commodity, just like oil. Now we are in a battle over healthcare, and the battle is fierce. Even though we are in debt, we are on the verge of going deeper into the pit. Borrowing from China and Saudi Arabia is at record pace. At the rate of spending and borrowing we are on, we should see the collapse of the United States in about two years. Just on time for the next election. That was the plan all along. Obama is following the plans set up by the people from ACORN in the 60’s. Check out Glenn Beck’s website, and follow the red rubber ball that leads to the begining of ACORN’s history. However, this is not the end of the story. Besides healthcare, there is cap and trade, which would add about $1200 to everyone’s energy costs. A great amount of money has been spent in just 5and one half months. Obama can’t continue to blame Bush for all this spending, this belongs to him. If the United States collapses, what will take its place? In Obama’s world, there can only be one ending to this fairy tale. Obama will become our savior and leader like his buddy Chavez, in Venezuela, and dole out welfare checks to the serfs. Then he will tax 75% of the welfare check to pay for the next one. Sounds real inviting doesn’t it. A socialist state will become the form of government which takes everything from those who have and gives it to those who don’t, then when those who didn’t have, but now have, will give it back to those who got it taken away. The only ones who will retain their status and there money are those in power. The community organizers of the world unite, become the rulers of a once great country. Too bad it couldn’t sustain itself, but we’ve got ours.