The Deception Of Power

They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I say that power is not only mistaken as power, but it is perceived as power only to those who yield to it. One does not have power over someone else unless that someone allows it. We, in America have allowed the Federal government to take our rights as citizens and throw them under the bus. We have given Washington the ability to trample over our freedoms, because we were too insecure to watch what they were doing, and too overwhelmed by the downward spiral of our economy. We were deceived into allowing the government to do untenable actions which have brought us closer to oblivion than we would have been if we had left our economy alone. Yes, there would have been pain involved, but how much pain will we endure when our economy crashes down around us, and not only us but our children will have to pay for it. We are so used to the quick fix that we were easily deceived into thinking that our economy could be fixed quickly too. We, as Americans have become so self envolved that we can’t see past the end of our own nose. The same attitude that says no one should lose, because someone’s feelings might get hurt, has carried over to those businesses, and houses that those who could not afford to buy, are lost. I am not unfeeling toward those people who would lose everything, because if something went wrong, I could be one of those people, but this crisis may have been resolved sooner if it had been left alone. At the rate that the national debt is increasing, we will never be able to pay it back. If Obama and the Democrats pass any more spending bills, we will be in deep debt by the end of Summer, and it will mean that the United States will go bancrupt, before Christmas. The healthcare act is coming up before the House of Representatives soon, and then the Senate. If we, as citizens flood the congress and the White House with calls and e-mails opposing any more spending, and then repealing the stimulus package, that doesn’t stimulate anything, and throwing out the new budget, we will win our nation back. It will take work, but if we don’t want our country to end up broke, busted, and disgusted, we’d better win this one. We don’t have much time, so we’d better get busy.