Minnows Are Us

In all my years living on the farm, I never thought i would see the day when minnows were more important than growing food for this nation and the world. It is plain ordinary stupidity to make a minnow more important than food for the citizens of America. All you invironmentalists should be ashamed of yourselves. Unless those minnows are going to be food they are only minnows. If you want to save a few of those minnows, take them somewhere and put them in an aquarium. Don’t stop the flow of irrigation water to crops, which will help feed you and your family. I suppose there is a possibility that people like you will starve first so the rest of us can finally live in peace. However, I wouldn’t wish that even on you. God created man to be the keeper of this planet in order that we might have all that we need, not the other way around. The creature is not above the master. When we start worshipping the creature, we are no better than the idol worshippers of yesteryear. God is the one we should be worshipping, because He is the Creator. You worship the Creator, not the creation. Of course, if you don’t believe in God then I suppose the creation is all you have. However, whether you believe in God or not is not the issue, He is, whether you believe in Him or not. The issue is that we, as people are more important than minnows. Like i said before, if you want to save them so bad, take them home with you and stick them in an aquarium.

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