Laws In Laws

This title may seem deceptive, but then again, it might just be true that deception is like a joke gone wrong. We as conservatives have experienced the worst attacks in decades since George W Bush took office in 2004. There has been a steady stream of slashes and thrusts aimed at our heart and soul, with no let up even to this day. While Bush was in office, he made a decision to not speak out against those attacks. It was a big mistake. Because of his decision, the Liberals knew they had carte blanche when it came to destroying Bush’s credibility and personhood, making it dificult to get anything done in congress. It is a true law that says; what you sow you shall also reap. However, since George Bush didn’t sow insults, then it must be the Liberals who will reap what they sowed. The question is whether we should be the instruments of that harvest being reaped, or let others do the dirty work and we reap the benefits of their harvest. Liberals still think they are able to do or say anything they wnt with impunity, but if their sponsers won’t back them, they lose their voice. The same is true of politicians, if their sponsors believe they are being jacked up by those they put in office, how long will they support them. When it comes to jobs, taxes, atificially high energy costs, and taxpayer-based healthcare that will cost them a fortune in taxes, how many constituents want to pay out 75% of their income in taxes? When we make these laws and “bright Liberal ideas” personal, how many Democrats will support them. When they see just how much it will cost them on a personal basis what will they really vote for? Change is only good if it affects someone else. The polls already indicate that more than 45% of the voting population say they are conservative. How many will become conservative if they have to pay out 75% of their income in taxes. We must also go to the middle class and let them know that the rich aren’t the only ones who will pay through the nose. The realization that if Obama’s scheme goes through, there will be no middle class, only the somewhat rich, and the poor, just like all the rest of the banana republics. Those who run the country will be the only ones who get the benefits that most of us enjoy today. It sounds a lot like Animal Farm, by George Orwell, doesn’t it? The goal of the Liberals is to make the United States into a nation of masters and serfs, with them as masters. When my Dad was farming, we were always watching out for corporations which wanted to buy up land and them have farmers as the workers on that huge plot of land. The concept was the same as Medieval Europe, where the Lord of the domain held great tracts of land on which the poor serf would toil for a penny a day, or only for food. The collective farms in Russia followed that same path. Now the Liberals in America want that same concept followed in all areas of interest, including, business, energy, healthcare, banking and wall street, and controlling the population, having all power concentrated in Washington DC. If we, as citizens, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike, we will lose all those freedoms we hold dear. Our Bill of Rights will fly out the window, and our Constitution will cease to be relevant, because our government will no longer be bound by its amendments, making our government illegitimate, and therefore, null and void. Whether we agree or not is not the question. The question is whether this Nation will stand or fall, like the western Roman Empire, under it own weight. When the population of the western Roman Empire was taxed to the point of no return, it crumbled under its own weight. We are in the process of having that same crumbling effect occur in this nation. Are we just going to let it happen, or are we going to elect people who will not go down this same path. There is not much time for dilly-dallying. Let us find good candidates, and make sure they get elected. The future of this nation is at stake.