When We Win

When we win this battle we will celebrate. We will have the best party ever devised. There will be all kinds of sumptous food and the kool-aid will flow like the river Nile. That was the promotion for the Democratic Party victory party after President Obama won the election. That was in November. The Democrats and their minions are still drinking kool-aid, and the press, who joined the party early, has been in the kool-aid tank since the beginning. Time has not crumbled the river banks, and most people are getting over the hangover. However, the press is still in the kool-aid tank. It is my humble opinion that when the press finally gets out of the tank, there will be such a backlash that it seem like a herd of turtles has come out of the ocean and started to dig holeas in the beach. I may be wrong, but for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, The Law of Thermodynamics, first law, Einstein, which if applied will cause such a backlash that most governmental bodies will think an earthquake has hit Washington DC. Senators and Represtatives will fly all over the place looking for something to hide under. I may be dreaming, I don’t know, but just think of the possibilities. If enough people swamp the newspapers and tv stations with requests for investigations into allegations of wrongdoing by the Democrats, and the White House, they will have to come up for air sometime. Unless they are so drunk on the wine of corruption they can’t walk, or crawl to a typewriter( computer), their will be someone who will say something, hopefully. Time will bring everything to the surface. Those things done in the darkness will be shouted on the housetops of America. If the press doesn’t do the job then those who are outside of government will have to pick up the ball and score the winning basket. Then we will have to unelect those who have created the problem, namely the congrwess and the president. Then we will have to clean house, and get the newspapers and the news organizations to either get out of the tank, or be closed down so that real news people can do the job. We, as the citizens of this great land have put up with this nonsense long enough. Either get to work and investigate like news agencies are supposed to do, or get out of the way so someone else can do the job you are supposed to be doing. There is no excuse for kool-aid drinking in the news offices, it is dangerous for this Nation, and it is embarassing to the public which you are supposed to serve. John Q. Public, who you like to quote, is getting fed up to the top of his head with all your prattle. DO YOUR JOB!!!

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