Sarah Palin's Journey

Time is of the essence. That is the word for the day. The train is pulling out of the station and you are going to miss it if you don’t hurry. All these statements are examples of things Sarah Palin is hearing through out the day. Her political allies and the pundits are sure she is going to miss the train that takes her to the White House. However, there is one person who says; “don’t get excited, your time will come.” that person is me. It is not critical that she be in the White House in 2012. She can still be highly influencial no matter where her role is in politics. All she has to be is herself. She doesn’t have to pander to anyone, or cowtow to any group. If Sarah Palin continues to use the gift that God has given her, and keeps her faith-walk active, she will be promoted, by God, in due time. I encourage you, Sarah Palin, to continue to serve Jesus, and He will be your defender, and your strong tower under which you can go and be protected. David Letterman and all those like him will fade away, because they are but grass that blooms and then fades away. God will do battle for you if you let Him. So do not dispair, or become bitter, for The Creator of the Universes is on your side.