In The Heat of Battle Don't Quit

When President Obama took office in January, no one sweemed too concerned about what he would do in the first one hundred days. Ther was no worries that he would take our Nation from a capitalist frame of reference to a socialist fascist form of government. In the last three week we have experienced a tortal breakdown of constitutional government. The Chrysler and General Motors “so-called bancruptcy”, which is an unconstitutional, fascist, and totally corrupt business arrangement, has just been upheld by the Supreme Court. All precedents in bancruptcy cases were ignored and a form of the old, noxious system of patronage has emerged once again. We are seeing this happen before our eyes, and the Supreme Court has helped it along by not hearing the case brought before it by the state of Indiana. When the Constitution can be ripped apart and the Court does nothing about it, that court is just as guilty as the President and all his cronies. We as citizens of this great land are now charged with changing the structure of this government. We have no choice but to bring about a fundamental change in the make-up of the Senators and Representatives, as well as the President. There is no other way to do this but to put people in office who will actually listen to their constituents. Then it is incumbant on the new government to throw all the bureaucrats who are in the federal government now out the door.It might hurt some in the beginning but, if we don’t get rid of the bureaucrats in government now, we will hurt more later. The bureaucrats are the ones who make policy because they are there long after the president, and congress, is gone. Each State needs to do the same thing. The life blood of this nation is that we have a constitution that protects the citizens, but when the government turns against the people it is supposed to serve, it is time to change that government. So find people who will listen to the citizens of this nation and put them in office. Vote those people out who have betrayed the office which they now hold, and get busy now. Don’t hide your head in the sand any longer. Stand up and defend this nation before it is too late. Make your voices heard at the tea parties July 4th. Don’t give up, don’t surrender your America to those who would destroy it. The time is getting short, don’t waste it.