Life and New Life

Much has been written concerning Dr. Tiller and the whole abortion industry. It is not a pleasant subject to discuss over breakfast. However, in as much as I have some experience with doctors and nurses who work at abortion clinics, maybe I can help with the situation. From my perspective as a street counselor at an abortion clinic, there are two problems that are present. The first problem is the doctors and nurses who work there, and the second is the young girls and women who frequent the clinics. Young girls are brought to the clinic by their parents, or some other family member, so the family is not embarrassed by a pregnancy. Young women go as a method of birth control. They don’t want a baby, just when they are about to get a job, or a new relationship. These are the ones who come back repeatedly. The goal of the clinic is to have girls come in at a young age and then become a repeater. Once a young girl has had an abortion, the next time she comes her demeanor changes. The first time she is not sure this is what she wants to do, but the family member, or boyfriend, insists that she get it done. The second time she comes, she marches in and snubs her nose at anyone who would try to show her a different path. Once the deed is done, the death of the child inside kills the person outside.

Doctors and nurses are cold to any suggestion that they are doing anything wrong. They are insistant that they are right and prolifers are just in the way of their business. The intensity of feeling rises when there is a suggestion that there is a better way to handle a pregnancy. Abortion is the end all and be all of the doctor’s and nurses world.

When we read some of the words of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, we get a picture of an abortionists mindset. She said this in 1921, in the Birth Control Review, Nov. 1921, page2; On the purpose of birth control: “The purpose in promoting birth control was to create a race of thoroughbreds.” Eugenics was her goal, and still is at Planned Parenthood. She felt that minorities and the poor were a virus to society. In her book, Pivot of Civilization, she wrote about minorities, immigrants, and the poor; “human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning…human beings who should never have been born.” Eugenics is the use of abortion, sterilization, and other means to develop a master race, which can then dominate the under developed, and if necessary, kill anyone who is less than perfect. In her book, Pivot of Civilization, Margaret Sanger wrote; “the makeup of the poor and minorities, for example, was inferior. Planned Parenthood believes pregnancy is a disease that should be eradicated. In the Family Planning Perspective, Planned Parenthood, vol. 3, no.1, Jan. 1971, pg. 9, Dr. Warren Hern said, ” pregnancy is an episodic, moderately extended cronic condition…may be defined as an illness…treated by evacuation of the uterine contents…” The title of the article is; Is Pregnancy Really Normal? 

The application of eugenics as a method of bringing us into a new world where man becomes the superman that Hitler was so adamant about creating. Eugenics began long before Sanger brought it to the forefront in the early 1900s. She, however, brought eugenics out in the open when it could be followed up with a method of propagation. Between Planned Parenthood, and Hitler, there was certainly a series of methods to choose from. Abortion, and sterilization, began in the 1920s, and targeted the minorities, the poor, and the immigrants, and nothing has really changed. These three groups are still the targets, it’s just that since Roe Vs. Wade white women have become targets too. The master race has become the victim of its own invention. Planned Parenthood hates the teaching of abstinance because if young girls and women become abstinant until marriage, they will be out of business. They spend our tax dollars to lobby the Senate and the House of Representatives to stop any program that would cut in on their business. Our tax dollars also go to campaign coffers of Senators and Representatives who will support them getting more tax dollars.

Young girls and young women are being systematically targeted through our school systems, which promote Planned parenthood, and use our tax dollars to do it. They want to be able to take a young woman to an abortionist without paental consent or even knowledge. If the teachers union had there way, parents would never raise there children, but that’s another issue. It is time to take back our parental responsibilities and teach our children to be abstinant until marriage, be able to think about the consequenses of their actions, and to not be swayed by teachers or friends who say that abortions don’t hurt you. Abortions do hurt, they cause physical damage to the uterus, and most important, damage the soul. Death brings death, and no matter how you slice it, a child is a child, whether it is inside the womb or outside. Life does not begin when the baby comes out of the womb, it begins when the baby is conceived. It is a baby from the time it is conceived, not a fetus, or a lump of flesh, or just an unfeeling piece of meat. It is an alive, feeling, human being, and no law, or Supreme Court decision will change that.